Mar 052010
luci may

Transvestite Lucy May Bound And Wanked Off By Her Mistress

Lucy has a very imaginative mistress who thinks up some kinky ways to punish Lucy’s transvestite cock.

She wraps Luci up in a garbage bag and binds her hands, telling her she is ‘going to treated like the trashy tgirl’. Her transvestite cock now belongs to her Mistress and is hers to do as she pleases.

With her hands tied, Lucy just lays back on the sofa and waits for her Mistress to decide what to do next.

Luci’s transvestite rod was so hard, her Mistress she could see the bulge beneath the tight layers of plastic wrapped around her hips and thighs.

Her Mistress rips away the plastic bag and starts to squeeze her tranny cock. It drives Luci wild and her Mistress wanks her cock even faster, calling her a tranny slut.

Lucy just smiles as she knew she was so close to cumming and she didn’t want her Mistress to stop.