Apr 072012

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Aug 032011

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I get all kinds of transvestites and crossdressers of all shapes and sizes visiting me for a good ass fucking.  So it was nice to get my hands on this curvy tranny slut, as I hadn’t had a fuller figured tranny for a while.

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May 272011

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Hi, I’m Cassy Cassard and I love wearing nylon stockings and having sex with other transvestites, tgirls and guys.

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Aug 212010

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I’ve been having some pretty hardcore sex lately with a horny couple I met on an internet swinging site. It turns out he’s a transvestite slut just like me, and the slutty blonde girlfriend likes to fuck and suck guys who are crossdressers or transvestites .

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Aug 012009

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Transvestite Teaching shows what to wear, make up tips, sultry girly pleasures and shows these cock wielding minxes how to spread ’em wide in the most feminine of ways.

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Mar 012009

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Feb 012009

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