Aug 032011

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I get all kinds of transvestites and crossdressers of all shapes and sizes visiting me for a good ass fucking.  So it was nice to get my hands on this curvy tranny slut, as I hadn’t had a fuller figured tranny for a while.

It turned out that this tranny whore was a real filthy girl who liked a little bit of BDSM. So I immediately popped her in the cage and tormented her by pushing my strapon cock through the bars, letting her know exactly what was going to happen to that tranny ass of hers.

This transvestite slut begged and moaned for me to release her, as she was so eager to get her tranny ass fucked by my monster strapon.

I bent that tgirl fuck toy over and spread her big ass wide open, then filled her tranny arse with what she’d been craving for… My 10 inch strapon!

This tranny bitch yelped like a little dog at first, but then that soon turned into loud moans of pleasure as I stretched and widened her tranny fuck hole with my big erect cock!

What a filthy crossdresser fuck slut she tuned out to be, and after thoroughly I’d punished her tranny arse she left smiling. Well, smiling and limping anyway.


May 302010


My reputation as a dominant precedes me and I recently met this transvestite slut at a fetish club which was hosting a tranny evening. This little whore approached me looking for a fucking and begged me to take her home and ream her arse with my strapon.

I got her home as soon as possible where she posed for me, bending over in her tranny stockings and showing off her round tgirl tush like a little tart.

I bent that little slut over and pulled her panties down, grabbing her tranny cock and milking it with squeezing motions with my hand.

Then I made her suck on my latex cock, pushing her head down and she greedily sucked on my black rubber penis like a filthy whore.

I lubed up my massive strapon cock, and making her lie on her side I pushed it into her cock hungry ass. She was backing up onto me, her ass eager for more rubber cock as I forced my latex dong up her tranny fuck hole, stretching it wide with every thrust.

I gave that slut everything she wanted and more, finally jerking her off with that latex cock fully inserted up her butt hole.


Aug 012009

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