Apr 052013
Mistress Jane Wanking Off Mature Tranny In Stockings

Mistress Jane wanks off a horny tranny in stockings and gets a heavy load of cum over her tits

Jane loves entertaining all kinds of trannies and crossderssers, and understands their need to dress up and have her give them a good ass fucking with her strap-on dildos.

Jane arranged to meet Susan, a mature, curvy transsexual who had some nice breasts and was already living as a women, having progressed from being a slutty transvestite into a fully-fledged sissy girl.

Jane is an understanding mistress, always willing to lend a hand to tgirls who need to find relief, and this sissy’s clitty cock needed a milking as she hadn’t had a wank for weeks!

Susan had been saving up all her spunk for Mistress Jane in anticipation of their meeting. She squirmed in exquisite sexual frustration as she resisted the temptation to play with her cock, but knew it would be worth her while as the eventual release would be amazing…

Susan was feeling highly aroused and very excited by the time she reached Jane’s house, and soon they were lying together on the bed kissing and fondling each other.

Susan felt Jane’s hand slipping down her knickers and stroking her cock, which was already fully erect. Then Mistress lowered her head and went down on Susan, making wet slurping sounds as she sucked on the bell-end of her clitty cock.

Jane then sandwiched Susan’s throbbing cock between the soft flesh of her stockinged thighs and moved back and forth, teasing and wanking her erection to the point where Susan was almost ready to ejaculate…

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Feb 072012

Joanna Jet Hot Tranny Business Lady Wanking Cock In Office Stockings & Suspenders

I love dressing 80’s style as a super hot business lady in my smart suit, stocking and heels, it gets me so very turned on.

Sitting at my desk I can feel my cock getting hard under my tight pencil skirt, my erection pushing against the silky material of my panties.

I rub my stockinged thighs together to try and give myself a hands free orgasm but it’s not quite enough, so I pull up my skirt, pull down my panties and let my cock spring free of it’s confinement.

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I’m Joanne Jet, your hot transsexual business bitch with a huge cock in stockings ready for action. Would you like to fuck me?

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Apr 192011

Big Cock Tranny Melissa is a hit with all the women who want to experience a bit of shemale cock.

Romina arranged to meet rep Melissa to discuss some business at her office, but when Melissa walked into the room she knew there was something special about this female with a cock.

Romina jumped at the opportunity of fucking her first transsexual and soon had Melissa’s huge cock in her greedy mouth.

How she loved sucking on that big dong and feeling the crown of this trannies cockhead filling her mouth and hitting the back of her throat!

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Aug 192008

Meet Delia, a classy trans-woman who started her porn site as a crossdresser and is now transitioning into a TS having started hormone therapy to make her tiny titties grow, and laser treatments have made her face super-soft!

Don’t worry though, Delia plans on keeping her she-cock!

One of her members with exquisite taste gifted her with this beautiful outfit, stockings and heels which she is seen wearing here in the bathroom. See Delia cum on her stockings in the full image set on her personal website Delia CD.