Feb 012013

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TS schoolgirl Jamie French has been sent to spend the afternoon alone in the detention classroom and quickly gets bored of doing her lines.

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May 272011

Cassy Cassard Transvestites Sucking Cocks In Black Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Video

Hi, I’m Cassy Cassard and I love wearing nylon stockings and having sex with other transvestites, tgirls and guys.

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Oct 122008

Solicitor Maxi was working in his office one lunchtime and was feeling a little tired with his work. When he needed to relax he liked to crossdress, so he decided this was just what was called for to help him unwind.

Maxi dolled himself up by applying eyeliner and blusher, a black satin basque, stockings and a ladies wig.

Maxi felt there was something very kinky about crossdressing in the office which made the experience all the more exciting.

His fantasy was that he was a sexy female solicitor called Maxine, who wore expensive underwear to work. Maxi’s fantasy was that Maxine liked to masturbate at work in her sexy feminine garments. Imagining he was Maxine, he stroked his stiff cock, getting a thrill from looking at his legs in nylons and the hard erection framed by his garters and stocking tops.

Maxi pumped his cock in his fist, building up a pleasurable rhythm until he spurted his pent up semen and felt the warm sensation of sexual release relax his mind and body.

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Sep 122008

Rustam was attracted to women and admired the way they looked in their lovely clothes and makeup. He wanted so much to understand how they felt in all their wonderful things he booked himself a session with a makeup artist to help transform himself into a female.

Rustam’s makeup artist did an excellent job of making his eyes look sexy in eyeliner, his skin look smoother with foundation and completed the look with a new hairstyle that made him look so hot.

The make over complete, Rustam enjoyed his new found femininity so much, he could not but help jerk off his meaty cock, until he shot thick cum over his belly.

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Aug 122008

Nazareno lay asleep in bed one morning having a dream about crossdressing in feminine clothes. He felt so horny is his dream he started to play with his cock, tugging it under the bedsheets.

In his dream Nazareno carefully applied his makeup and sexy feminine clothes, then stood in front of the big mirror and placed a long haired wig on his head, making his transformation complete.

Seeing himself in the mirror dressed in sexy women’s clothes, always turned Nazareno on whenever he crossdressed. As he stood there admiring his own feminine image, he thought how sexy he looked and started to kiss his own refection. He had become his own perfect woman, someone who dressed in the clothes he liked, the one that shared his passion for kinky dressing up sex.

Feeling really horny, Nazareno took his cock out of his black panties and began to wank himself off. He made love to his own feminine refection in the mirror until he reached orgasm and his trannie sperm ejaculated in hot spurts from his stiff shecock.

Nazareno suddenly woke up from his sexy dream, realizing he had cum all over himself with sticky white cum.

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