Feb 072012

Joanna Jet Hot Tranny Business Lady Wanking Cock In Office Stockings & Suspenders

I love dressing 80’s style as a super hot business lady in my smart suit, stocking and heels, it gets me so very turned on.

Sitting at my desk I can feel my cock getting hard under my tight pencil skirt, my erection pushing against the silky material of my panties.

I rub my stockinged thighs together to try and give myself a hands free orgasm but it’s not quite enough, so I pull up my skirt, pull down my panties and let my cock spring free of it’s confinement.

At last I can stroke my thick cock and wank myself off in the office, wishing you were here right now and fucking me on the desk.

I’m Joanne Jet, your hot transsexual business bitch with a huge cock in stockings ready for action. Would you like to fuck me?

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Feb 032012

Mistress Annabelle Vintage Crossdressing Videos

Lady Annabelle is a lifestyle dominatrix who trains and dominates her sissy slaves and makes them dress in genuine nylon stockings, retro-style underwear and heels.

Bringing a touch of real class to transvestite porn, Lady Annabelle indulges her passion for vintage styles of clothing and underwear, forcing her sissy slaves to dress up in feminine garments and subjecting them to punishments using whips, canes, dildos and fucking machines.

Lady Annabelle is the embodiment of female perfection, and her beauty alone will have you begging at her feet to become one of her devotees. She even encourages those willing to submit to her commands to contact her for personal training.

Meanwhile you can watch her weekly videos and get a taste of what you can expect when you enter the world of Lady Annabelle at Vintage Crossdressing, where all your crossdressing dreams cum true…

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Jan 072012

Tranny Sluts Fucked By Female In Threesome Orgy At Zoe Fuckpuppet

I recently invited a new crossdresser and his girlfriend to join me for a threeway fuck party and had a fucking good time!

He’s not really a tranny girl, but more a boy who gets very hot when he’s forced to dress up.

He wanted to be forced to suck my cock, and then to watch while I use his girlfriend’s pretty body for my own pleasure.

I made him dress in stockings and heels, to help him feel a little more girly while he sucked my huge tranny cock.

It was his first time tasting tranny dick, which he sucked enthusiastically, licking and swallowing my throbbing cock like a proper whore as he prepped me for the climax of our naughty, little rendezvous.

His girlfriend fucked him up the ass with her strapon cock, as I fucked and filled his willing mouth with the fullness of my tranny prick.

Then I mounted his girlfriend, and we kissed and grabbed at each other’s tits, moaning against each other as we fucked, two sluts craving a hard cum! We all got off so good that day!


Aug 032011

Strapon Jane Fucks Stocking Transvestite Up The Ass

I get all kinds of transvestites and crossdressers of all shapes and sizes visiting me for a good ass fucking.  So it was nice to get my hands on this curvy tranny slut, as I hadn’t had a fuller figured tranny for a while.

It turned out that this tranny whore was a real filthy girl who liked a little bit of BDSM. So I immediately popped her in the cage and tormented her by pushing my strapon cock through the bars, letting her know exactly what was going to happen to that tranny ass of hers.

This transvestite slut begged and moaned for me to release her, as she was so eager to get her tranny ass fucked by my monster strapon.

I bent that tgirl fuck toy over and spread her big ass wide open, then filled her tranny arse with what she’d been craving for… My 10 inch strapon!

This tranny bitch yelped like a little dog at first, but then that soon turned into loud moans of pleasure as I stretched and widened her tranny fuck hole with my big erect cock!

What a filthy crossdresser fuck slut she tuned out to be, and after thoroughly I’d punished her tranny arse she left smiling. Well, smiling and limping anyway.


May 272011

Cassy Cassard Transvestites Sucking Cocks In Black Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Video

Hi, I’m Cassy Cassard and I love wearing nylon stockings and having sex with other transvestites, tgirls and guys.

I know that you want to fuck me, and I’d love to feel your cock in my asscunt, which and it is always ready to take your hard dick!

I love to give pleasure to men and trannies, which is why I go to swinger and tgirl parties to suck their cocks and make them cum inside me.

I’m open to nearly everything from hardcore fucking, lesbian transvestite sex, role-playing and dressing up in stockings and suspenders.

If you love dirty crossdressers then I’m your girl, who will satisfy your dreams and desires of filthy hardcore sex with a slutty transvestite.


Apr 302011


Mistress Helga got herself two naughty little crossdressers to play with the other day, and made them suck each other off while she fucked their tranny whore arses.

Dressed in their favorite slutty clothes, one in an open-bottom girdle and nylons, the other in sissy pink satin, stockings and suspenders, they both looked ready for  a good fucking.

This horny pair loved being ordered about, told what what to do, and when to do it, and Mistress Helga made sure they both sucked each others hard tranny cocks in turn.

Mistress Helga then fucked their tight tgirl assholes, making sure one tranny whore gave oral service to her friend, while she took the other one up the ass with her strapon.

Mistress plunged her cock into the first crossdresser’s arse, stretching her tranny fuck hole to the limit, as the little tranny bitch sucked enthusiastically on the others throbbing clitty cock.

These tgirl sluts sure learned who was in charge, and they took everything Mistress Helga gave them, loving every second of it as their slutty mouths and arses were filled with her monster strapon cock.


Apr 192011

Big Cock Tranny Melissa is a hit with all the women who want to experience a bit of shemale cock.

Romina arranged to meet rep Melissa to discuss some business at her office, but when Melissa walked into the room she knew there was something special about this female with a cock.

Romina jumped at the opportunity of fucking her first transsexual and soon had Melissa’s huge cock in her greedy mouth.

How she loved sucking on that big dong and feeling the crown of this trannies cockhead filling her mouth and hitting the back of her throat!

Melissa stuffed Romina’s throat with her tranny dick, as the cock-hungry business woman sucked on her bell-end and attempted to drain the cum out of her balls.

Then she flipped Romina over and burying her thick tranny cock deep in her cunt, fucked her hard and deep with her tranny weapon.

Romina loved the feel of this shemale schlong stretching her cunt with every stroke as it plunged into her gaping fuck hole.

Greedy for more cock, she got Melissa to penetrate her ass with her love truncheon and ream her tail pipe until it was properly fucked wide.


Mar 012011

lucy may bound bondage transvestite crossdresser wanking in suspenders and stockings

Every time I dress up in my tranny slut clothes, my cock gets so erect and I can’t stop giving it a good tug. This time my master caught me at it, and decided it was time I was punished.

I’ve been such a dirty crossdresser slut lately, dressing up in my stockings, panties and body-shaper with the cupped bra. My cock gets so hard in my panties when I look at myself in the mirror, I like to stroke it as my erection strains against the material of my knickers.

All the more reason for my master to punish me for being a naughty tranny whore, so he’s decided to tie me up so I can’t play with myself.

He ties my hand to a top beam and makes me look at my tranny self all dressed up in the mirror. My cock gets stiff in my panties, and I can’t even spread my legs. I’m aching to get my cock out and be a filthy transvestite slut again, so he lets my hands free.

I release my cock from the tight confinement of my panties and give it a good wank. I think he secretly enjoys seeing me wanking as I stand in my stockings and panties and stroke my rod, gripping the shaft in my fist as I tug myself off and watch me release my tranny cum.


Feb 182011

andrea-nobeli-beautiful transsexuals sucking and fucking in stockings

Andréa Nobili is an Italian porn director of outstanding transsexual hardcore movies, featuring some of the world’s most ravishing transsexuals sucking and fucking in lingerie, stockings and heels.

Mr Nobili has been producing some of the finest transsexual erotica over the years, and his site brings together many of his previous movies as well as the most up to date productions under one roof.

His superb website features mainly Italian, Brazilian and Argentinian transsexuals with massive cocks, in stylistic fetish hardcore fuck scenes.

The movies consist of bareback fucking with trannys fucking guys or other tgirls, and there is a strong role play element, with an emphasis on high fashion, sexy lingerie, stockings, garter-belts and pantyhose.

Given it’s focus on story lines, superb fetish clothes, overall production values and quality videos and images,  this is one of the best tranny sites I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Above all, it’s just so damn horny watching these sexed up transsexual sluts enjoying themselves sucking, fucking and playing with their massive cocks!

If you are looking for tranny porn that’s fresh, exciting and satisfying, then take a look at all the superb movies you can download at Andréa Nobili Productions.

Jan 012011

zoe fuckpuppet slutty tranny in stockings wanking with dldo up the ass

I love the gothic look so I dyed my hair black and pulled out my sexy PVC dress and very black stockings for a little playtime.

I lay down on my bed in my horny little black outfit and started to play with my 10 inch tranny rod, stroking it up to full size.

My shaft was so hard, I rolled the tip of my cockhead around with my fingers and rubbed my shaved heavy balls with my spare hand.

The PVC dress I was wearing felt so tight, and my naked body underneath tingled as I felt it constrict me.

My breathing became heavier as I yanked my crossdresser cock, and I wriggled around on my bed like a slut begging to get fucked hard.

Maybe I’ll make some calls and get someone to finish me off!

Would you like to cum and play with your favorite crossdressing tranny slut? I knew you would, because I can show you a real good time as only Zoe Fuckpuppet can!