May 302010


My reputation as a dominant precedes me and I recently met this transvestite slut at a fetish club which was hosting a tranny evening. This little whore approached me looking for a fucking and begged me to take her home and ream her arse with my strapon.

I got her home as soon as possible where she posed for me, bending over in her tranny stockings and showing off her round tgirl tush like a little tart.

I bent that little slut over and pulled her panties down, grabbing her tranny cock and milking it with squeezing motions with my hand.

Then I made her suck on my latex cock, pushing her head down and she greedily sucked on my black rubber penis like a filthy whore.

I lubed up my massive strapon cock, and making her lie on her side I pushed it into her cock hungry ass. She was backing up onto me, her ass eager for more rubber cock as I forced my latex dong up her tranny fuck hole, stretching it wide with every thrust.

I gave that slut everything she wanted and more, finally jerking her off with that latex cock fully inserted up her butt hole.


Mar 052010
luci may

Transvestite Lucy May Bound And Wanked Off By Her Mistress

Lucy has a very imaginative mistress who thinks up some kinky ways to punish Lucy’s transvestite cock.

She wraps Luci up in a garbage bag and binds her hands, telling her she is ‘going to treated like the trashy tgirl’. Her transvestite cock now belongs to her Mistress and is hers to do as she pleases.

With her hands tied, Lucy just lays back on the sofa and waits for her Mistress to decide what to do next.

Luci’s transvestite rod was so hard, her Mistress she could see the bulge beneath the tight layers of plastic wrapped around her hips and thighs.

Her Mistress rips away the plastic bag and starts to squeeze her tranny cock. It drives Luci wild and her Mistress wanks her cock even faster, calling her a tranny slut.

Lucy just smiles as she knew she was so close to cumming and she didn’t want her Mistress to stop.

Aug 142009
Karen TV Slut Fucking Her Tight Ass With Big Red Dildo

Karen TV Slut Fucking Her Tight Ass With Big Red Dildo

Dressed in her beige nylon stockings, Karen TV Slut fucks her tight trannie ass with a big red dildo.

After a long day at work as a receptionist, I couldn’t wait to get home, dress up in my slutty, transvestite office clothes and sexy high heels, and relax.

Wearing my beige nylon stockings, white suspender belt and pink ‘fuck me’ heels, made my crossdresser cock so stiff. I pranced around my apartment in my slutty heels, but my feet felt tired and need a nice long foot rub.

Laying down on my bed I massaged my heels and ankles slowly, but firmly, and while rubbing my tried feet through the nylon I felt my cock getting hard through my knickers.

I needed a cock up my arse, so I pulled out my favorite dildo from my special toy draw, and forced it into my mouth to make it nice and wet. I teased my anus with it, imagining it was a cock wanting to enter, and then pushed the tip of the dildo up my tight, tranny tush.

I worked that dildo up my hungry ass and felt it stretch my dirty fuck hole, sometimes sticking my fingers up there, then sliding the dildo back up.  Opening my stockinged legs wide like the dirty tranny slut that I am, I fucked my arse with that cock until I shot my hot tranny jizz all over my stomach.

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Apr 182009

This pretty little sissy maid caught me on a day I was feeling very horny. I’d gone hours without being fucked, and this little sissy doll turned up.

First I pulled this femme cd fuck dolls frilly little skirt up, and made her show off her panty-covered ass. Then I whacked her tight, round cheeks with my riding crop, until she had lots of pretty marks.

I pushed her down on the the floor, onto her knees, and I showed her what she’d done to my panty-covered cock. It was all big and swollen, and it needed some sissy maid attention.

She licked my cock with her sissy mouth and sucked on my shaft with her red, painted lips. I forced her to suck me deeper and deeper until I finally blasted my sperm into her mouth, and all over her pretty, subservient face.

Next I forced this tranny whore to bend over the toilet and I pulled her knickers down. I instructed her to wank her cock and as she was rubbing herself off, she slipped a dirty, little finger up her own ass!

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