Jan 072013
Sympathetic Female Wanking Off Sissy In Pink Frilly Dress And Panties

Mrs Lovings Wanking Off Sissy In Pink Frilly Dress And Panties

Mrs Lovings recently invited a mature crossdresser called Sissy Pinky over for a crossdressing session, so named because this sissy is fond of dressing up in the frilly pink girly dresses and underwear.

Mrs Lovings helped Sissy Pinky dress up in the outfit she had brought with her, teasing and making fun of Pinky’s sissy panties and bra as she dressed. Mrs Lovings gentle teasing seemed to make Pinky even more excited and she got an erection in her panties which she could hardly conceal.

Sissy Pinky knelt before Mrs Lovings in adoration and lifting up her skirt she showed sissy her white panties all nicely framed by her sexy black stockings. Mrs Lovings then invited Sissy Pinky to come and sniff her feminine scent through her silky panties and sissy put her head between mistress’s thighs and took a good sniff of her knicker crotch.

‘Now, you can begin to kiss my panties,’ Mrs Lovings commanded, yet Sissy Pinky could hardly stop sniffing her panties and breathing in Mistress’s knicker scent, such that Mistress had to gently remind sissy to lick as commanded. Sissy Pinky complied and licked the front of Mistress’s silky knicker crotch, much pleasing Mrs Lovings who enjoyed the sensation of sissy’s wet tongue teasing her cunt through the tight material of her sexy panties.

Mrs Lovings was pleased with sissy Pinky’s pantie worship, so standing up she slipped her panties half way down and let sissy assist in removing them from her stockinged legs. Mrs Lovings then held up her silky knickers to sissy’s face so she could sniff and worship them further and show her ardent appreciation.

Mrs Lovings then made Sissy Pinky lay across her lap and oiled up her clitty cock in her firm but gentle hands. Mistress gripped the shaft of Pinky’s throbbing erection and with deft movements of her fist she pumped sissy’s cock and milked her of her sissy cum.


Mar 182012


 Zoe Fuckpuppet may be a horny tgirl slut who can’t resist cock, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to get her hands on a gorgeous, curvy girl every once in a while.

Paige Turnah is one of the UK’s top filthy bitches and when she got together with Zoe they had a fucking good time.

Paige was dressed in a sexy bodystocking and pressing her curvy body up against Zoe she made her transvestite cock get so hard in her tranny panties.

Feeling the heat of excitement flow between their bodies as they pressed together, Zoe rubbed Paige’s gorgeous natural tits and teased them with her delicate fingers, twisting and tweaking the nipples and making them stand up.

Paige then grabbed a hold of Zoe’s 9 inch dick and looking at her tranny friend deep in the eyes said, “Fuck me like I’m a sissy TGirl slut!”

Zoe smiled back at her and slowly licked her lips at the prospect of fucking this dirty slut right up her hot cunt. Paige had never been fucked by a tgirl before and she was about to discover how it felt to be fucked by a big cock transvestite!



Jan 072012

Tranny Sluts Fucked By Female In Threesome Orgy At Zoe Fuckpuppet

I recently invited a new crossdresser and his girlfriend to join me for a threeway fuck party and had a fucking good time!

He’s not really a tranny girl, but more a boy who gets very hot when he’s forced to dress up.

He wanted to be forced to suck my cock, and then to watch while I use his girlfriend’s pretty body for my own pleasure.

I made him dress in stockings and heels, to help him feel a little more girly while he sucked my huge tranny cock.

It was his first time tasting tranny dick, which he sucked enthusiastically, licking and swallowing my throbbing cock like a proper whore as he prepped me for the climax of our naughty, little rendezvous.

His girlfriend fucked him up the ass with her strapon cock, as I fucked and filled his willing mouth with the fullness of my tranny prick.

Then I mounted his girlfriend, and we kissed and grabbed at each other’s tits, moaning against each other as we fucked, two sluts craving a hard cum! We all got off so good that day!


Mar 052010
luci may

Transvestite Lucy May Bound And Wanked Off By Her Mistress

Lucy has a very imaginative mistress who thinks up some kinky ways to punish Lucy’s transvestite cock.

She wraps Luci up in a garbage bag and binds her hands, telling her she is ‘going to treated like the trashy tgirl’. Her transvestite cock now belongs to her Mistress and is hers to do as she pleases.

With her hands tied, Lucy just lays back on the sofa and waits for her Mistress to decide what to do next.

Luci’s transvestite rod was so hard, her Mistress she could see the bulge beneath the tight layers of plastic wrapped around her hips and thighs.

Her Mistress rips away the plastic bag and starts to squeeze her tranny cock. It drives Luci wild and her Mistress wanks her cock even faster, calling her a tranny slut.

Lucy just smiles as she knew she was so close to cumming and she didn’t want her Mistress to stop.

Jan 052010
Mistress Jane Fucks Her Trannie Slave's Ass On Her Fuck Bench

Mistress Jane Fucks Her Trannie Slave's Ass On Her Fuck Bench

Mistress Jane met up with this blonde crossdresser slut, so ready and willing to submit to her every whim and command.

The sissy whore had written to Mistress Jane, asking to be teased and punished, so Jane put her on the fuck bench and got straight to work.

Jane removed her crossdresser panties and toyed with her member, while she squirmed on the bench. Using a variety of dildos, Mistress Jane stretched her trannie slave’s dirty fuck hole, preparing it for what was to come next.

Mistress Jane also tazed her trannie cock with some gentle electric shock treatment, shooting little volts through her sissy penis.

Her slave was enjoying this treatment too much, so she lifted her legs and pushed her thick, strapon cock deep into this tgirl whores tight asshole.

That’s when the real begging started… her begging Mistress Jane to fuck her harder and deeper. ‘Oh, fuck my trannie ass with your strap-on, Mistress Jane!’ What a tgirl fuck toy!

Mistress Jane wants to fuck your trannie ass.. See how the others got theirs at Strapon-Jane’s.

Mar 012009

Karen TV Slut gets sucked off by horny, transvestite loving, mature blonde in fully-fashioned nylons, and together they have sex in their nylons.

Is there anything this Tgirl won’t do? Honestly, I’m not sure yet! You’ll find Karen in Tranny on Tranny, Interracial, Tranny on Girl, Tranny on Boy, Tranny Domination and much more action on her site Karen TV Slut.

Karen has a lot of female girlfriends that love to come round, dress her up before sucking her dry and fucking her senseless. Karen loves it and so do these tranny loving sluts who can’t get enough of Karen’s big tranny cock.

Karen also likes to play with her own personal TGirl maid who looks after Karen’s needs. See her TV maid hitch up her sissy skirt so Karen can fuck her from behind, wherever and whenever she pleases. As Karen says, ‘There’s nothing better than a bit of filthy, slutty fuck-fun with other TGirls just like me’.

See how slutty Karen and all her female and tranny friends have been inside Karen TV Slut.