Jul 182015
Japanese Sissies In Frilly Dresses Kissing and Rubbing Hard Cocks Together

Japanese Sissies Himena & Miharu kiss, suck and fuck in their frilly maids dresses and ejaculates their hot sticky cum in this video

Japanese sissies Himena & Miharu dressed in their slutty maids dresses and got together for some hot hardcore sucking and fucking in this uncensored hardcore video.

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Nov 192012


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Jul 212012

Beautiful Sissy Boy Fucked In Stockings By His Girfriend Up The Ass With A Strap-On Dildo In Strapon Sissies Video

Denise is very understanding about her boyfriend’s need to crossdress and they love to play sexy games where they dress up together.

One Sunday afternoon they were dressed up in vintage attire resembling two respectable ladies in dresses attending a tea party, when her sissy boyfriend produced a strap-on dildo which he wanted Denise to wear and take him up the ass.

Denise stripped out of her dress and strapped on the dildo, and sissy got down on his knees and wrapping a gloved hand around the shaft he took the thick cock in his mouth sucked on it hard.

Denise then made him kneel on the couch and lifted his green-n-white gown to reveal he was wearing a pair of elegant gartered nylon stockings. She then pulled down his panties to leave them stretched around his thighs, and sticking out the tip of her wet tongue she rimmed the puckered ring of his ass in preparation for what was coming next.

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Feb 032012

Mistress Annabelle Vintage Crossdressing Videos

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May 012011

mrsloving milks a sissy cock in panties until it spurts cum video

Sissy Lauren loves looking up women’s skirts to get a peek at what they are wearing. Sissy gets hard at the sight of damp panties, stockings tops and garterbelts, in fact all the secret things that ladies wear under their clothes.

With this in mind Mrs Loving makes Lauren lay down on the bench, and lifts her skirt so she she can straddle Lauren’s head. ‘Get a good look at my panties,’ says Mrs Loving, as she lowers herself over Lauren’s face and gives her a perfect view of her damp knickers.

‘Smell my scent, sissy’, Mrs Loving commands, as she moves her nylon panty gusset over Lauren’s nose. ‘That’s it, inhale my womanly fragrance!’ Sitting on sissy’s face, Mrs Loving pulls Lauren’s panties down to expose her clitty hard cock and takes it in her firm grip.

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Jan 202011

sissy made to wear pink dress and frilly panties around his cock by mrslovings

Sissy Lauren has been caught wearing and masturbating in Auntie’s Panties, so he is sent to Mrs Loving for some serious feminization training.

Lauren gets humiliated, teased and spanked with a paddle by Mrs Loving until his bottom is bright red, and his cock is hard from the thrill of being punished. Then Mrs Loving begins the most exciting part of the training for sissies.

Firstly, she makes Lauren wear a black bra with silicone breast forms to create that feminine look. Then she make him wear a pink tight fitting satin dress, with a frilly tutu that makes his cock stiff with excitement. Mrs Loving then tells him to put on a pair of pink full cut nylon panties, while she watches and instructs. He slips into the panties and pulls them up slowly until then are just below his cock, then Mrs Loving takes his erection in one hand and pulls the panties up over his stiff member.

Lauren feels humiliated and embarrassed wearing these very girlie panties with the rosebud embroidery and little pink satin bows, and Mrs Loving teases him about what a sissy he is… Even though he feels embarrassed wearing the pink dress and panties, his clitty cock is throbbing with the thrill of being dressed up like a girl. He is so excited, Mrs. Loving is afraid he may be ready to spurt his sissy cream right into her hand and panties, as she feels his cock through the flimsy material.


Apr 072009

Curly haired slut gets fucked by Femdom

‘This is one my favorite little sissy kittens, and every time I call her over to play, she gets a brutal pounding from my massive shaft.

‘She dresses oh so femme for me, with her long curls and sexy lingerie. This little minx doesn’t play shy or innocent. Oh no, she’s far too much of a whore to even pretend. Those slut eyes look up at me as she rubs her face all over my plastic meat, licking and begging with her tongue.

‘I put my black boot between her thighs and rub it up into her panties. She rubs back against the black vinyl until she creams herself all over my heeled boot. Such a fucking filthy slut!

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Jul 232008

A trio of Mistresses takes on our little maid jack in a 47 minute domination festival. Mistresses Kendra, Mika and Jacklyn surround the little maid in a sea of long, pantyhose clad legs as he licks up a plateful of their spit before worshiping their feet as they smoke cigarettes. He takes Mistress Kendra’s hand in his ass and then Mistress Mika fucks him with a huge dildo while Mistress Kendra finds and then jams another one in at the same time. Mistress Jacklyn uses Her strap-on to finish the job as the other two Ladies make him lick their dildos clean.

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