Jul 072013

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Nov 192012


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Hi, I’m Cassy Cassard and I love wearing nylon stockings and having sex with other transvestites, tgirls and guys.

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I’ve been having some pretty hardcore sex lately with a horny couple I met on an internet swinging site. It turns out he’s a transvestite slut just like me, and the slutty blonde girlfriend likes to fuck and suck guys who are crossdressers or transvestites .

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Karen TV Slut Fucking Her Tight Ass With Big Red Dildo

Dressed in her beige nylon stockings, Karen TV Slut fucks her tight trannie ass with a big red dildo.

After a long day at work as a receptionist, I couldn’t wait to get home, dress up in my slutty, transvestite office clothes and sexy high heels, and relax.

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This hot little tranny slut just loves to play the pretty princess, all dressed in pink and white. Behaving ever so innocent!

Except I know what a good fuck this crossdresser slut really is, and try as she might to hide that little shaft, I want to feel it inside of me!

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Sep 172008

Mark has just unloaded his sack and lies on the bed, enjoying the chill. Harry, his lover, shows up, and starts boasting about his latest cosmetic purchases.

The guys indulge in makeup kinks and Mark suggests a game. Whoever makes the other one come, has the right to take anything from that man’s cosmetic belongings.

Both use their sexiest clothing for the game. Harry loses, not knowing Mark has spent his load an hour before.

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