Nov 192012


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Aug 012012

Kims Anal Tranny Slut In Slutty Stockings Fucked By Huge Dildos

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Jan 072012

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I recently invited a new crossdresser and his girlfriend to join me for a threeway fuck party and had a fucking good time!

He’s not really a tranny girl, but more a boy who gets very hot when he’s forced to dress up.

He wanted to be forced to suck my cock, and then to watch while I use his girlfriend’s pretty body for my own pleasure.

I made him dress in stockings and heels, to help him feel a little more girly while he sucked my huge tranny cock.

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Mar 012011

lucy may bound bondage transvestite crossdresser wanking in suspenders and stockings

Every time I dress up in my tranny slut clothes, my cock gets so erect and I can’t stop giving it a good tug. This time my master caught me at it, and decided it was time I was punished.

I’ve been such a dirty crossdresser slut lately, dressing up in my stockings, panties and body-shaper with the cupped bra. My cock gets so hard in my panties when I look at myself in the mirror, I like to stroke it as my erection strains against the material of my knickers.

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Jun 272010

strapon jane fucks stocking tranny

This tranny crossdresser was just begging to be fucked by Miss Abandon and myself, so we teased and denied this subservient creature with our big strapon cocks.

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Sep 252009

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Jan 032009

One moment innocent Katie was crossdressing in her room, and the next she woke up in a creepy graveyard with bite marks on her neck!

She’s not about to let her sexy outfit go to waste though, so she backs up against a tombstone and starts rubbing her tgirl clitty through her blood red panties. And rather than use that wooden stake to get her revenge on the vampire, she decides it fits much better in her tight little crossdresser ass.

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Oct 122008

Solicitor Maxi was working in his office one lunchtime and was feeling a little tired with his work. When he needed to relax he liked to crossdress, so he decided this was just what was called for to help him unwind.

Maxi dolled himself up by applying eyeliner and blusher, a black satin basque, stockings and a ladies wig.

Maxi felt there was something very kinky about crossdressing in the office which made the experience all the more exciting.

His fantasy was that he was a sexy female solicitor called Maxine, who wore expensive underwear to work. Maxi’s fantasy was that Maxine liked to masturbate at work in her sexy feminine garments. Imagining he was Maxine, he stroked his stiff cock, getting a thrill from looking at his legs in nylons and the hard erection framed by his garters and stocking tops.

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Oct 092008

Sebastian loves to get dressed up like a trannie slut and then get the ass fucking he deserves.

One weekend he booked himself in to a hotel and got dressed up in a dress, stockings, garter-belt, makeup and wig.

After his transformation Sebastian looked just like hot slutty chick he aspired to be, and already feeling horny he invited a trannie loving stud to visit to his room.

Sebastian lay on the bed, enjoying the sensation of being dressed in feminine clothes and feeling the anticipation of excitment while waiting for her date to arrive.

There was a knock on the hotel room door and Sebastian let the handsome guy in and immediately went down on the guys stiff erection. Having that thick cock in her trannie mouth felt good to Sebastian and she slurped on that cock like it was her last. What a slut she felt being all dressed up like a woman and servicing this guy’s huge dick in her slutty mouth.

After the oral, Sebastian let the hunk shove his thick cock up her shitter, feeling his man meat stretching her trannie ass with every thrust of his hips. It hurt, but Sebastian felt so fucking turned on she didn’t mind and encouraged her lover to fuck her ass even more.

Finally, Sebastian gobbled the hunks cock (straight from her ass) in her trannie slut mouth, until her man climaxed and she swallowed down all of his cream.

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Sep 122008

Rustam was attracted to women and admired the way they looked in their lovely clothes and makeup. He wanted so much to understand how they felt in all their wonderful things he booked himself a session with a makeup artist to help transform himself into a female.

Rustam’s makeup artist did an excellent job of making his eyes look sexy in eyeliner, his skin look smoother with foundation and completed the look with a new hairstyle that made him look so hot.

The make over complete, Rustam enjoyed his new found femininity so much, he could not but help jerk off his meaty cock, until he shot thick cum over his belly.

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