Aug 232014

Glamorous TGirl Jemma Jameson gets fucked up the ass by Mistress Jane and her big black strapon in female-on-trans video featuring Strapon Jane.

Jemma Jameson turned up as arranged to meet with Mistress Jane for a kinky sex session. Dressed up in black dress and seamed, fully-fashioned nylons, she got on the bed with Jane who was dressed in her satin panties and stockings.

Jane fondled Jemma’s hard cock and took her throbbing tranny erection in her mouth and gave it a suck. Jane made Jemma get down and suck on her huge black strap-on, and let her know where exactly where it was going next..

Jane made Jemma lie on the kitchen top with her stockinged legs folded back against her chest. She lubed up the strapon then pushed the shaft of her rubber cock deep inside Jemma’s tranny ass.

Jane pumped her hips as she plundered Jemma’s ass, stretching her tranny fuck hole with that huge black cock that filled her sissy ass and gave her lots of pleasure.

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Jan 182014
Crossdressing Secretary Fucked Up The Ass By Dominant Female With Strap-On Dildo

Mistress Jane wanks and fucks cross-dressing secretary in frilly knickers, stockings and suspenders

Crossdressing secretary Janine wrote to me a few weeks ago, saying she was a slutty trans-secretary who was still in the closet. Her dream was to dress-up in her favorite secretary outfit and have me take her up the arse and fuck her with my strap-on dildo.

I agreed to meet her providing she would come fully dressed in tranny mode as a secretary, wearing her complete outfit, including wig, stockings and heels.

Having never dared to dress up in public as her trans-self, the thought of getting trannied up and leaving the house to drive to my place, filled her with delicious excitement.

Janine arrived on day at the appointed time and parked her car in my drive, dressed-up smart in her suit and glasses, tan nylon stockings and heels, as requested.

I ordered her up to the bedroom and made her strip off her skirt and complimented her on the frilly lace, sheer nylon kickers and pink corset she was wearing. Her cock was already stiff inside her white knickers and looked incredibly sexy, surrounded by her suspenders attached to the tops of her seamed nylon stockings.

Janine lay on the bed and I fondled the shaft of her stiff cock through the sheer fabric of her nylon knickers, then pulled them to one side and sucked her balls into my mouth and tickled them with the wet tip of my tongue. I then pulled the elastic waistband of her knickers down and her erect cock sprang free from it’s confinement.

Laying on top of Janine, I trapped her erection between my thighs and stroked her throbbing dick between my legs in their seamed nylon stockings. Then reaching behind, I grabbed her cock and moved my ass up and down, so her bulging cockhead rubbed against my pussy and the tight material of my damp pantie crotch.

Making this slutty secretary get on her knees before me,  I pressed the head of my strap-on cock against the ring of her butt-hole and thrust my hips repeatedly, forcing my cock up her tight arse and burying the shaft deep inside her tranny pussy.

Then I fucked her relentlessly, thrusting my dildo hard and deep, making her scream and beg for more as I held onto her stiletto heels and plundered her stretched anus with my 9 inch black strapon cock!


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Jul 212012

Beautiful Sissy Boy Fucked In Stockings By His Girfriend Up The Ass With A Strap-On Dildo In Strapon Sissies Video

Denise is very understanding about her boyfriend’s need to crossdress and they love to play sexy games where they dress up together.

One Sunday afternoon they were dressed up in vintage attire resembling two respectable ladies in dresses attending a tea party, when her sissy boyfriend produced a strap-on dildo which he wanted Denise to wear and take him up the ass.

Denise stripped out of her dress and strapped on the dildo, and sissy got down on his knees and wrapping a gloved hand around the shaft he took the thick cock in his mouth sucked on it hard.

Denise then made him kneel on the couch and lifted his green-n-white gown to reveal he was wearing a pair of elegant gartered nylon stockings. She then pulled down his panties to leave them stretched around his thighs, and sticking out the tip of her wet tongue she rimmed the puckered ring of his ass in preparation for what was coming next.

Getting behind her sissy slut she grabbed the cheeks his suspendered ass as she eased the thick cock up the tight ring of his sissy butthole. Thrusting her hips forward she felt the cock gradually slip inside her boyfriend’s shitter as his sphincter relaxed to allow deeper penetration.

Denise then pushed her sissy boyfriend forward on the couch and laying on top she began to ride his ass with increasing thrusts. As she pumped that thick, hard cock, ever deeper inside his sissy cunt, her boyfriend lay there submissively and moaned with pleasure at being fucked like a girl.


Dec 072011

Mistress Sue Wanks Off Crossdresser In Nylon Stockings, Suspenders and Panties With Her Gloved Hand Video At Nylon Extreme

Mistress Sue’s slave had long held a desire to dress up in feminine things, and one day plucked up the courage to ask if he could wear some of her lingerie.

Seeing an opportunity to tease her slave, Mistress Sue made him dress in a pair of her sheer nylon stockings, black suspender belt, sheer nylon panties and a satin slip.

Excited by the thrill of dressing in his mistress’s things, her slave’s erect cock formed huge bulge in the front of the satin slip as he stood before her wearing feminine garments.

Mistress Sue thought his obvious excitement was insolent, and making her sissified slave bend over in his stockings and suspenders, she spanked his sorry ass for his impertinent erection.

Even though she had administered his punishment, her slave’s cock remained erect. In fact he was more excited than before, so making him sit down she took his cock in her gloved hand and began stroking his throbbing erection.

Mistress Sue forbade her crossdressed slave to cum, teasing his stiff cock with the tips of her fingers around the crown of his bulging cockhead and denying him his orgasm.

She slowly wanked his cock, making him squirm and beg for release as she expertly masturbated his throbbing prick in her nylon gloved hand.

Mistress Sue milked her sissy slave’s cock, slowly coaxing the spunk out of his balls and bringing him to the point of no return, when jets of thick white cum flew out of his purple cockhead and splashed onto his sissy stocking tops.