Dec 032016

Krissy4U - Asian TGgirl Wanking Outdoors In Slutty Stockings And Heels


‘You know, one of the problems with being in a constant state of horniness, is that it can be difficult to get anything done! Even the simple act of taking a little walk in my tight skirt, seamed stockings and heels turns me on!’ Says Krissy, who is the hottest and horniest Asian tgirl living in Oregon, Portland.

‘The sensation of my stockings rubbing against my thighs as I take each step, just makes my cock get so hard in my panties, I have to take it out and jerk-off right out in the open where everyone can see me!’

Whenever Krissy is feeling really horny she likes to dress up in her sluttiest outfits and take a ride in her car to her favorite roadside rest stop where a lot of truckers stop by for a break.

‘It is always fun to see the expressions on the truckers’ faces as they drive by and see me standing there posing for my camera’, Krissy says about her many experiences of shooting photos and videos for her site Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl. ‘Some of the looks I get are totally priceless, and I always love it when they pull over right away for a better look!’

If you already know Krissy, you’ll no doubt know how horny she is in her sexy stockings and just how much she loves sex! If not, then you’re about to discover more about one of the hottest Asian tgirls in the US today.


Jul 072012

Asian Shemale Crossdresser In Maid Uniform And Stockings Wanking Cock Video

Asian tranny Mako enjoys dressing up in various outfits, so she dressed as a slutty French maid in a lacy uniform, sexy black stockings and heels.  Being very submissive she loves role play, and in this video she submits to the wishes of the hotel guest to show him her cock.

Ordered to lift up her dress, she pulls the rear crotch of her panties to one side and shows the hotel guest the tight ring of her ass that looks so fuckable. Then pulling at the cheeks of her ass with her gloved fingers and moves a her ass about tempting the guest to fuck her.

On the bed she lifts the front of her lacy dress and reveals the tight black panties down which she is packing her stiffening cock. She pulls out her wang and waves it around, and like a good little maid she lets the hotel guest reach out and play with her lovely curving erection.

Mako then wanks her cock and feels her balls with her gloved hand, pulling back the foreskin over the purple crown of her erect penis as she strokes herself off!


Jun 072010


A friend of mine invited me down to London to meet his Asian shemale girlfriend who had just flown in from Malaysia.

It was an incredibly exciting moment when I first set eyes on this stunning beauty, and didn’t take long for us to get dolled up for some cock sucking action, all captured in pics and video.

I dressed up in my sleaziest black nylon stockings, lace spider top, satin corset and see-through nylon panties. My new shemale friend, dressed likewise in seamed nylon stockings, latex suspenders.

She then got on her knees and took my cock in her pretty mouth. Her gaze met with mine as she took every inch of my throbbing member deeper in her throat, making little groaning noises that were getting me even more worked up.

Watching her suck on my cock as I stood there in my stockings and suspenders was absolute heaven. I could have shot my load over her lovely Asian face right there and then, but I exercised control as I wanted this moment to last.

My tgirl rod was oozing pre-cum and her sexy little tongue lapped at every last drop like a kitten. This horny little Asian fuck toy was pleasuring me like no other, and when I felt I was no longer able to withhold my spunk I pulled her head closer in, making her deep throat my crossdresser cock as I blew my salty load into the back of her throat.

Then it was my turn suck on the cock of this Asian beauty in return, and I let her fuck my face with her cute cock and taste her sweet tranny cum as she spent in my mouth.

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Jan 152009

Kinky Ladyboy Nice looks so sexy in her showgirl dress, black ruffled burlesque panties, slutty stockings and suspender garterbelt here at Extreme Ladyboys. That outfit sure suggests she up for a good time and is wanting to be fucked like a proper little slut, which is exactly what happened..

Nice posed like a sultry slut in her fabulous outfit, then began sucking off Double O’s dirty dong, which by now was a raging hard on, having seen this cock in a frock pose in her filthy frillys.

Needing to punish her for being such a tease in her slutty clothes, Double O tied her hands, inserted a vibrator up her ass and whipped her soft, ladyboy buttocks. The filthy slut loved being treated like a submissive tranny whore, and once she got in this state she would agree to anything, the filthier the better!

Forcing Nice to lay face forward on the bed, our hero continued and buried his boner deep into her gaping ass hole from behind. The ring of her anus felt tight around his cock as he fucked her poop shoot, and he gave her dirty fuck hole the fucking it deserved, pumping his erection deep and hard in her ladyboy pussy.

It’s exactly what Nice had had on her filthy mind all along, and her ass was sore but satisfied by the fucking it received. It just goes to show that dressing up like a bitch on heat in sexy clothes is a sure way to provoke a filthy fucking.

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