Apr 012009

Gorgeous blonde Tgirl in pink dress

This is how I usually wait at home when I have a guy coming over to pummel me. I spend all afternoon getting ready for him! I make myself ultra soft and pretty, because I want to be the most beautiful tgirl whore for my men.

It’s not enough, though, just to be all dolled up and pretty. When my boyfriends come over to use me, I want to be drippy hot for them. That way the first thing I can do when I see them is get down on my knees like a crossdresser cum slut so I can suck their big cocks.

But first I have to get in the mood! Like there’s ever a moment where I’m not horny and desperate? I crawl around on the floor in my lingerie, dragging my panty-covered dick against the carpet. Every so often I take break, laying on my back and spreading my crossdresser legs wide.

I rub the huge bulge beneath my pretty panties, imagining how you’re going grab and squeeze me through them when you show up. My cock ring keeps my hard tranny rod from getting off though, and by the time you get here, I’m all worked up in an anal-cock-bitch frenzy!

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