Apr 122008


Luci May always feels so horny whenever she dresses up in girlie clothes, and as it was a hot summers day, she dressed in a short top and skirt she had bought for specially for such an occasion.

Luci was thrilled with her sexy outfit and decided to put on some suntan oil to cover up the parts that were exposed, but she went a bit further and ended up rubbing that oil over her legs, thighs and her trannie cock which had become very stiff by now.

That oil was so slippery she could even put a metal cock ring over her erect cock and balls so they we budging in their sac. This was fun – all covered in oil and having that ring tight around her ball-sac, her cock stiff and proud, it felt sensual and kinky at the same time.

Luci applied even more oil to her asshole and taking her didlo, worked it up her ass. Oh it felt so good, it slipped up quite easily with all that lubrication and she enjoyed the sensation of it stretching her hole wide, imagining it was a cock fucking her trannie ass as she pumped her fist over her throbbing prick.

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