Feb 222008

Military guy Lenny has always had this dream of dressing up and looking like a hot, sexy and beautiful woman, but never was able to act upon it.

Finally home leave arrives and he has decided he is going to enjoy his vacation to the fullest and transform himself into an attractive woman.

After applying his makeup, he slips into garter-belt, stockings and a dress, the completes his transformation with a wig. Lenny’s transformation makes him look fabulous in no time!

Lenny feels so horny wearing his sexy new look and enjoys the sensation of his feminine clothes next to his body. He gets an erection just looking at himself and jerks off his big cock with his stocking clad legs open wide, until he cums into the palm of his hand.

Watch Lenny’s transformation from military guy to sexy gal and see him jerk off in this video fromCD Fun.

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