Jun 282013

Zoe Fuckpuppet Slutty Tranny Housewife Wanking With Hoover

Zoe Fuckpuppet love to dress up like a pretty little housewife in her negligee, stockings and strappy heels, as it makes her feel so sexy and feminine.

It was time to do some housework, so Zoe got out the hoover and set about cleaning the house like a good housewife should.

While she was hoovering she became very horny for some reason and her cock became  stiff and erect under her dress. Maybe it was that sucking action of the hoover that made her think of sucking cock. Or maybe it was just the tottering around on her heels, in her stockings and lingerie, that did it.

Whatever, Zoe was feeling really turned and being satisfied with her housework, she decided to reward herself with a nice, long wank.

Zoe felt like such a slutty housewife, masturbating in her stockings on the staircase, her hard cock between her legs and her panties pulled to one side.

Housework had never been such fun, she thought…she really must do it again very soon.

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Sep 072012

These four horny trannies got together for an afternoon of sucking and fucking cock while a slave watches on at this filthy tgirl orgy filmed in the UK.

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Jun 302012

Slutty Trans In Pantyhose Washes Her Bollocks In The Kitchen Sink

Zoe was at home cleaning up her kitchen one day feeling very horny, so she decided to climb into the sink and give her bollocks a good wash.

All of that morning she had felt a smoldering sexual arousal and feeling of horniness building up slowly as she went about her housework like a proper little maid. The incredible sensation of her tight fitting leather corset around her waist, and the feel of her new fashion pantyhose with the open crotch she was wearing had made feel so fucking horny, that she was ready for a little playtime.

Excitedly Zoe ran the tap and filled the sink with soapy water, then climbed up and sank her arse, balls and cock into the warm liquid, which she could feel soak right into her sexy new pantyhose and swirl around her naked parts.

Zoe’s 10 inch tranny cock immediately stirred to full erection, and she began stroking it up to full size with her hand gripped around her rod as she pumped it in the soapy suds. Her shaft was so hard it was standing out above the level of the suds, so she rolled the tip of her cockhead around in her fingers and rubbed her shaved heavy bollocks under the warm water with her spare hand.

Zoe’s leather corset made her body tingle as it constricted tightly around her waist as she wanked herself off excitedly. Her breathing became heavier as she yanked her crossdresser cock and wiggled her ass around in the soapy water like a wanton slut begging to be fucked hard.

Zoe had a great time playing around in the soapy suds, getting her pantyhose all wet and clingy as she wanked off her soapy cock.  Giving her enormous tranny erection a good tug, she finally came hard and shot a huge wad of thick white cum as she wanked herself off in the kitchen.

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Jan 072012

Tranny Sluts Fucked By Female In Threesome Orgy At Zoe Fuckpuppet

I recently invited a new crossdresser and his girlfriend to join me for a threeway fuck party and had a fucking good time!

He’s not really a tranny girl, but more a boy who gets very hot when he’s forced to dress up.

He wanted to be forced to suck my cock, and then to watch while I use his girlfriend’s pretty body for my own pleasure.

I made him dress in stockings and heels, to help him feel a little more girly while he sucked my huge tranny cock.

It was his first time tasting tranny dick, which he sucked enthusiastically, licking and swallowing my throbbing cock like a proper whore as he prepped me for the climax of our naughty, little rendezvous.

His girlfriend fucked him up the ass with her strapon cock, as I fucked and filled his willing mouth with the fullness of my tranny prick.

Then I mounted his girlfriend, and we kissed and grabbed at each other’s tits, moaning against each other as we fucked, two sluts craving a hard cum! We all got off so good that day!


Jan 012011

zoe fuckpuppet slutty tranny in stockings wanking with dldo up the ass

I love the gothic look so I dyed my hair black and pulled out my sexy PVC dress and very black stockings for a little playtime.

I lay down on my bed in my horny little black outfit and started to play with my 10 inch tranny rod, stroking it up to full size.

My shaft was so hard, I rolled the tip of my cockhead around with my fingers and rubbed my shaved heavy balls with my spare hand.

The PVC dress I was wearing felt so tight, and my naked body underneath tingled as I felt it constrict me.

My breathing became heavier as I yanked my crossdresser cock, and I wriggled around on my bed like a slut begging to get fucked hard.

Maybe I’ll make some calls and get someone to finish me off!

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Aug 212010

zoefuckpuppet stockings trash tranny slut in swing harness

I’ve been having some pretty hardcore sex lately with a horny couple I met on an internet swinging site. It turns out he’s a transvestite slut just like me, and the slutty blonde girlfriend likes to fuck and suck guys who are crossdressers or transvestites .

It’s a perfect arrangement, as they get a filthy tranny slut to play with, and I get to play with another hard tranny cock and a gorgeous pussy.

We like to meet in a fetish club where they have a lot of specialist equipment and toys, like this swing harness which is my favorite. I like it when they abuse me, treat me like a dirty the crossdresser whore that I am, tie me up, gag me, suck me dry and fuck me hard.

My new tranny fuck toy just loves too take my 10 inch shaft deep inside her mouth, while the blonde vixen lets me enjoy her eager pussy for hours. I never leave the club until they have milked my cock and balls dry of tranny sperm.

I think next time I’ll ask to see if they know any more couples to join us. It’s about time I was in the centre of a big transvestite fuck toy bukkake party, getting my slutty face covered in lots of creamy goo from all those cocks wanking over me.


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Nov 052009
Zoe Fuck Puppet Fucks Blonde Slut In Black Stockings

Zoe Fuck Puppet Fucks Blonde Slut In Black Stockings

I went out looking for hot, steamy sex last night at my favorite tranny bar.

I didn’t care if my transvestite tush was fucked by a sexy stud or fingered by a slutty babe, I just wanted some hardcore contact and to be pleasured all night long.

I laid my eyes on this stunning blonde babe, and knew there and then that I’d be inside her that night with my 10 inch transvestite cock!

Without messing around, I got her straight back home and into my living room, removed my coat to reveal I was hard and ready in my slutty stockings, corset and boots.

The blonde slut rubbed her delicate hands over my 10 inch tgirl cock eagerly, and her tongue wriggled in my wet mouth as we kissed.

I pulled her perky tits out of her basque and sucked them hard, biting her nipples as she moaned into my ear.

Pulling down her skirt I found a cheeky transvestite penis waiting for me to suck on. My new friend was shy but I was so happy, I put it straight into my mouth, sucking and kissing it like it was my first time with a cock.

We fucked all night, and she did everything a man or a woman could do to me. This little tranny slut is my favourite one so far.

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Jul 302009
Zoe Fuckpuppet Wanks Off Thinking About Her Own Tranny Cock

Zoe Fuckpuppet Wanks Off Thinking About Her Own Tranny Cock

I’m such a filthy cock slut, I sometime feels I want to wrap my moist mouth around my own dick, and taste the little dribbles of tranny jizz that leak from my cockhead.

I rub my fingers around my warm shaft, imagining it’s somebody else’s rod, and fantasize about that big dick slipping into my moist mouth, and sliding deep down my throat!

I’m aching for cock, and all I want to do is figure out some way of getting that meaty cock  inside of me. I yearn for it, begging to be used.

I get on my hands and knees and show off my ass hole, the place where I want that big prick to enter! I push my big, transvestite dick back as I reach around to pull my ass cheeks apart.

Maybe if I’m a big enough tramp, my cock will somehow find its way up inside my tranny whore hole.

I spread my legs real wide, like a good transvestite girl, and pull my tight ass cheeks apart. I can feel my big rod pulsing, and moments later I blast sticky cum all over my own little hole!

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Apr 052009

Blonde punishes Zoe

I’m playing in the shower with one of my favorite transvestite girlfriends. We had been out shopping together and were feeling hot and horny from teasing guys all day, so we decided a steamy shower was in order.

We licked and sucked each other’s bodies as we played in the tub, gradually stripping all our pretty clothes away. I’m a little fuck slut and so she has no trouble getting me out of my wet panties.

Then my hot blonde friend springs her kinky plot on me, puts a ball gag into my mouth, and ties it nice and tight.

I’m pushed down, my arms held back, and I can feel my favorite double-dildo up against my tight cock hole. I moan as she slides it deep inside of me, and then she reaches down to rub my warm member as she sucks off the other dildo head jutting from my tgirl tush.

She rides me hard, moving the shaft inside my body with her slutty mouth. I can hear her gagging on it as she jacks off my tgirl cock with her hand. Her orgasm splats into the tub at my feet, and moments later there’s another girly streak of hot white cream beneath us. We race down onto on our knees to see who can lick more of the cum up!

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Oct 262008

Zoe Fuckpuppet loves to invite her closest female friends over for a bit of kinky dressing up fun and costume roleplay.

Zoe enjoys making them dress up before she takes her huge tranny cock and shows them exactly how a bad girl likes behave.

Zoe’s blonde friend came over one weekend and dressed as a nurse in uniform. She was soon on her knees when she saw Zoe’s cock was hard with excitement and went down on her knees to suck on that lovely tranny erection.

There is nothing that feels better than sex with a female while you are all dressed up in your sluttiest gear. Zoe fucked her friend first then reversed roles and got her tranny arse fucked by the nurses dildo.

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