Feb 232011

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The smell of these horny patent high heels of mine is enough to get my tranny cock really fucking hard.

The more I put my nose and lips to them, the harder I get, and I just want to cup them under my balls and stroke my stiff cock to cum inside them.

Then maybe put them back on and let all that hot semen squelch into my transvestite feet and nylons.

I’m wearing my sexiest nylons with crisscrossed suspenders, sheer black panties, high heels and long leather gloves. What more could I need to get my transvestite clitty cock hard?

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Feb 182011

andrea-nobeli-beautiful transsexuals sucking and fucking in stockings

Andréa Nobili is an Italian porn director of outstanding transsexual hardcore movies, featuring some of the world’s most ravishing transsexuals sucking and fucking in lingerie, stockings and heels.

Mr Nobili has been producing some of the finest transsexual erotica over the years, and his site brings together many of his previous movies as well as the most up to date productions under one roof.

His superb website features mainly Italian, Brazilian and Argentinian transsexuals with massive cocks, in stylistic fetish hardcore fuck scenes.

The movies consist of bareback fucking with trannys fucking guys or other tgirls, and there is a strong role play element, with an emphasis on high fashion, sexy lingerie, stockings, garter-belts and pantyhose.

Given it’s focus on story lines, superb fetish clothes, overall production values and quality videos and images,  this is one of the best tranny sites I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

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Dec 012010

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I’m having have some really fun nights on my own at the moment, and it’s all down to my transvestite arse getting absolutely punished by this set of monster dildo toys.

I always like to take some posing shots before I get down and dirty with my sex toys, pouting my full lips and gorgeous face like the beautiful crossdresser that I am! I know I look like such a sexy transvestite wench laying on my bed, ready to punish my transvestite arse!

Each one of these fuck toys can spread my transvestite ass wide open, and completely take my breath away as I fuck myself all night long. Sometimes I even surprise myself when I put the real big ones inside!

Wouldn’t you love to watch me laying on my big bed and giving my tranny ass some real punishment? I made my ass wide for you, using my speculum and toys to stretch it open. Now it’s ready for you to fuck!

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Sep 012010

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Sissy Christine’s pussy is lubed up by Mrs Loving’s finger, and she slides her fingers right into sissys ass, opening her up and getting her ready for her strap on cock. Mrs Loving makes Sissy Christine get into her fucking sling, and Christine’s legs are spread wide open and restrained so she has access to her sissy pussy.

Now that Sissy Christine’s ass is ready for Mrs Loving, she gets her strap on cock lubed up and ready too. Mrs Loving gently begins to work the dildo into Sissy Christine’s ass, making sure to be slow and careful. She tells Sissy to relax her pussy fuck hole and then the dildo slowly slides into Christine’s ass pussy and then the fucking begins.

Sissy Christine feels Mrs Loving’s cock fill and stretch her sissy fuck hole and she wanks her cock as her mature mistress teaches her ass.

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Aug 142010

I felt so pretty today in my sissy white boots, I just wanted to be taken care of and pampered.

My tranny friend was coming to visit me later on so I rang and told her to wear something pretty so we could appreciate each others sexy bodies. She didn’t let me down and arrived in a short skirt, stockings and suspenders.

I started to feel hot and horny the moment I saw my transvestite slut friend, with her gorgeous blonde hair to match mine and a really horny lingerie set.

She suggested we go somewhere comfortable to relax and of course I took her up to my room, where we both lay down and started rubbing each others legs.

As naughty fingers rubbed over soft underwear and around the tops of thighs, both of our tgirl shafts started to rise to the occasion. But it was my day to be pampered, so I fluttered my eyelids at my CD girlfriend and she knew I wanted to feel her soft lips on my sissy shaft. I really am a naughty little sissy tart!

My friend slid her fingers inside my transvestite knickers and started to play with my growing member. I moaned like a little sissy tramp as she played with me on the bed with my ass in the air.

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I felt like such a princess today, I deserve to be treated like one. Even though I’m a very slutty tranny princess!


Mar 252010

Auntie Masturbates Her Crossdressing Nephew In Her Stockings & Panties

Auntie Cheryl realizes her nephew has been going through her underwear draw while she is out.

On his next visit she gets him to confess he has been wearing her clothes, so as a punishment she make him dress him up in her stockings and panties.

Auntie Cheryl had wanted to see her nephew squirt his creamy cum for a long while. She has fun watching him dress up in her panties and making his cock big and hard, before she settles down to wank him off.

She pulls his panties down and exposes his hard cock, already dripping with pre-come, and starts to wank his throbbing clitty with her expert hands. Watch as she begins the milking masturbation session. You’ll see the very first time she masturbated her nephew.

After she’s done wanking him off and he has cum like a good boy, Aunt Cheryl’s face glows with satisfaction.

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Mar 182010

Mistress Jane Fucks Crossdresser Slut In Nylon Stockings

Mistress Jane loves sucking a nice, hard tranny cock and this little sissy was her latest toy, who looked like such a crossdressing slut in her lingerie and nylons.

Jane needed to match her sluttishness, so she slipped on some very sexy stockings and lingerie that emphasized her gorgeous curves. Together they looked like a divinely matched pair in their slutty nylon stocking and suspenders.

Jane pounced on her new play toy and began stroking her CD body gently with soft fingers. She decided to give her a treat and take her hard crossdressers cock into her mouth for a long and wet blowjob.

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Jan 052010
Mistress Jane Fucks Her Trannie Slave's Ass On Her Fuck Bench

Mistress Jane Fucks Her Trannie Slave's Ass On Her Fuck Bench

Mistress Jane met up with this blonde crossdresser slut, so ready and willing to submit to her every whim and command.

The sissy whore had written to Mistress Jane, asking to be teased and punished, so Jane put her on the fuck bench and got straight to work.

Jane removed her crossdresser panties and toyed with her member, while she squirmed on the bench. Using a variety of dildos, Mistress Jane stretched her trannie slave’s dirty fuck hole, preparing it for what was to come next.

Mistress Jane also tazed her trannie cock with some gentle electric shock treatment, shooting little volts through her sissy penis.

Her slave was enjoying this treatment too much, so she lifted her legs and pushed her thick, strapon cock deep into this tgirl whores tight asshole.

That’s when the real begging started… her begging Mistress Jane to fuck her harder and deeper. ‘Oh, fuck my trannie ass with your strap-on, Mistress Jane!’ What a tgirl fuck toy!

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Dec 142009
Crossdresser Wanked In Pantyhose By Mrs Loving

Crossdresser Wanked In Pantyhose By Mrs Loving

Mrs Loving introduces a crossdresser to pantyhose bondage and ties up his cock and balls, then makes him wear pantyhose and wanks him off!

Mrs loving instructs her new sissy crossdresser to put on stockings in a very feminine way. But she has even more fun and games in mind for her sissy novice, and ties a pair of pantyhose around his erect cock and balls.

You have to SEE THIS! Watch as she pulls him around the room by the pantyhose leash wrapped around his cock and balls. All that cock pulling with the nylon pantyhose tied around his cock makes it even more red and swollen.

Next, Mrs Loving makes him wear black pantyhose and puts latex ball separators and a cock ring around his tackle.

Mrs Loving admires how hard and erect his cock is behind the tight panel of the pantyhose, before cutting a hole and pulling his cock and balls out.

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Mrs Loving skilfully milks his cock, finally letting him spurt his cum all over her black shiny thigh high boots.

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Nov 152009

Italian Transsexuals With Big Cocks Suck and Fuck in 'Transexy'

You’ll get double the pleasure when you watch the latest Italian TS offering Transexy.

Featuring some of the hottest transsexuals on the scene, Sabrina, Luana, Marcella and Isabel, these slutty European chicks with dicks are at again in this full-length feature.

These transsexual beauties have big cocks and they know how to use them… and they give and take in equal measure.

You’ll love the combination of firm titties and hard cock, believing you have died and gone to porn heaven when you watch Transexy.