Apr 292010


Nicole Dupre, The Tattooed Sicilian Transsexual! Her body is her canvas, and she is driven by a lust for sexual adventure!

Nicole usually likes to be the one on top, but when she got together with trans-vixen Tara Emory she took to being in the submissive role, submitting to whatever sadistic pleasures that she-devil Tara Emory, had in store. Nicole was a mere plaything, in the hands of this Cruella deVille with a she-cock.

Mistress Tara put Nicole in a stockade and chained her up, smacking her big 40D shemale titties with whatever she found handy. She made Nicole suck on her tranny she-cock then fucked her from behind, doggie style. Nichole loved it and begged for more from her transsexual Mistress in stockings and corset.

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