Apr 132010

My Sissy Boyfriend_Gloria_Hanna

Dark-haired Gloria was surprised to see her boyfriend dressed-up like a girl when he came downstairs into the living room

At first Gloria thought it a bit funny seeing her boyfriend in a wig, dress, panties and stockings. But Hannah, as he liked to be called when in ‘trans-mode’, soon showed her what a lot of fun dressing up games could be for them both.

What Hanna wanted most was for Gloria to dominate him and give his sissy ass a good, hard strap-on fucking!

Gloria soon warmed to the idea of role reversal and treated Hanna roughly, making her tranny boyfriend suck on that strapon cock and finger his own butthole in preparation for a fucking.

Gloria then pushed Hannah forward, spread his stockinged legs, and entered her boyfriend from the rear. She penetrated his sissy ass with her girlie cock, pumping his tranny fuck-hole for all it was worth.

Hannah felt the powerful strokes of his girlfriend’s dick as it stretched and reamed his butthole, and they both climaxed in a super tranny spasm.

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