Apr 072012

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Who do you think can be the filthiest whores? Chicks with dicks or hot MILFs with their strapon cocks?

Find out who wins the battle of the hot bitches in this movie Transvestites vs MILF’s, when hot blonde MILF Karen Kay gets together with tgirls Luci May and Rachel Lyons for a hot fuck.

Watch as Karen gets wet between the legs when this part of tranny sluts fuck her with vibrators. Then see how she sucks their cocks, and gives both Luci and Rachel a good fucking up the ass with her strapon cock!

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Mar 012011

lucy may bound bondage transvestite crossdresser wanking in suspenders and stockings

Every time I dress up in my tranny slut clothes, my cock gets so erect and I can’t stop giving it a good tug. This time my master caught me at it, and decided it was time I was punished.

I’ve been such a dirty crossdresser slut lately, dressing up in my stockings, panties and body-shaper with the cupped bra. My cock gets so hard in my panties when I look at myself in the mirror, I like to stroke it as my erection strains against the material of my knickers.

All the more reason for my master to punish me for being a naughty tranny whore, so he’s decided to tie me up so I can’t play with myself.

He ties my hand to a top beam and makes me look at my tranny self all dressed up in the mirror. My cock gets stiff in my panties, and I can’t even spread my legs. I’m aching to get my cock out and be a filthy transvestite slut again, so he lets my hands free.

I release my cock from the tight confinement of my panties and give it a good wank. I think he secretly enjoys seeing me wanking as I stand in my stockings and panties and stroke my rod, gripping the shaft in my fist as I tug myself off and watch me release my tranny cum.


Mar 052010
luci may

Transvestite Lucy May Bound And Wanked Off By Her Mistress

Lucy has a very imaginative mistress who thinks up some kinky ways to punish Lucy’s transvestite cock.

She wraps Luci up in a garbage bag and binds her hands, telling her she is ‘going to treated like the trashy tgirl’. Her transvestite cock now belongs to her Mistress and is hers to do as she pleases.

With her hands tied, Lucy just lays back on the sofa and waits for her Mistress to decide what to do next.

Luci’s transvestite rod was so hard, her Mistress she could see the bulge beneath the tight layers of plastic wrapped around her hips and thighs.

Her Mistress rips away the plastic bag and starts to squeeze her tranny cock. It drives Luci wild and her Mistress wanks her cock even faster, calling her a tranny slut.

Lucy just smiles as she knew she was so close to cumming and she didn’t want her Mistress to stop.

Oct 122009
Transvestite Luci May Feathers Her Cock With Duster

Tgirl Luci May Tickles Her Cock With Feather Duster

‘Today I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning, and being a naughty tranny slut, I wore my multi-strap garter belt, tan stockings, and did my chores without any panties on.

‘I got busy dusting with my feather duster, bending over so the back of my skirt lifted high. I love that sensation, bending like a pretty slut in my stockings, so I can feel the garters stretching at the tops of my stockings.

‘I’d just love for you to stand behind me and feel up my skirt, touching my stocking tops and stroking my naked thighs, then rubbing your hard cock against my ass.

‘I was feeling so horny from thinking about bending over in my stockings and taking a hard cock up my ass, I had to have some fun and relieve myself

‘So, I put on a cock ring and made my erect member throb and stand out between my legs, then I took my duster and tickled my cock shaft with the soft feathers.

‘Oh, I felt so naughty, standing in my stockings in the living room and teasing my throbbing cock with those feathers!  I decided to finish the cleaning another day and took this duster upstairs for a little tranny fun.’

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Apr 092009

Tranny Maid Luci May Loves Sucking Cock and Tasting Cum

‘One of my favorite pass times is being used a serving wench for gentleman’s parties. I just love prancing around in scanty, slutty clothing, giving the guys drinks as they chat and smoke.

‘I like the way they pinch and smack my arse when I bend down to refill their beverages, and they’re always dropping things for me to pick up! It’s so much fun being a transvestite, fetish fuck toy!

‘Eventually they need more from their tranny serving slut, so I have to give them each a satisfying blowjob! I open my wet mouth wide for each shaft in turn, taking their tasty pricks in my slutty mouth.

‘I love it when they grab me by my hair and hold me down, using me like a nasty serving girl! I tease their cocks with my lascivious tongue, and as each one shoots their load between my lips, I gulp down all of their warm, sticky cum!

‘Of course, that’s just the appetizer. Before these guys are done, they force me on the living room table and gangbang me like a dirty whore.

‘Being a gentleman’s serving wench is fun, but being a party fuck toy is even more hot and sweaty! They shag me in turn until I’m leaking goo from every hole! Of course I lick it all up using my fingers and tongue while they watch!

‘I’m such a cute and slutty tranny maid… would you like me to service you?’

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Nov 042008

What’s a tranny to do on an boring afternoon when you are all dressed up, eh? Smoke a ciggie and have a wank, that’s what!

Lovely Luci was home alone one sunny afternoon feeling kinda sexy in her tight dress, wearing that saucy garterbelt with the metal clasps, black nylon stockings and polka dot panties.

Should she go out or should she stay in awhile? She thought about it while she had a smoke. But her cock was getting hard under her dress and bulging against the fabric of her panties. She could feel the sensation of her garter straps pulling against her stocking tops and her cock was begging to be touched and stroked.

Putting out her ciggie, Luci rubbed her pantie crotch where her stiff cock lay beneath the silky material, then released it from it’s constriction and began to tug on the knob foreskin and wank the length of her tranny erection.

It always gave her a thrill to see her tranny cock standing stiff between her thighs and framed by her stockings and garterbelt. She felt sooo excited as she tugged herself off and gave herself a tranny climax.

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Apr 122008


Luci May always feels so horny whenever she dresses up in girlie clothes, and as it was a hot summers day, she dressed in a short top and skirt she had bought for specially for such an occasion.

Luci was thrilled with her sexy outfit and decided to put on some suntan oil to cover up the parts that were exposed, but she went a bit further and ended up rubbing that oil over her legs, thighs and her trannie cock which had become very stiff by now.

That oil was so slippery she could even put a metal cock ring over her erect cock and balls so they we budging in their sac. This was fun – all covered in oil and having that ring tight around her ball-sac, her cock stiff and proud, it felt sensual and kinky at the same time.

Luci applied even more oil to her asshole and taking her didlo, worked it up her ass. Oh it felt so good, it slipped up quite easily with all that lubrication and she enjoyed the sensation of it stretching her hole wide, imagining it was a cock fucking her trannie ass as she pumped her fist over her throbbing prick.

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Feb 072008


Straight from the UK trannie Luci May is a real English Rose with something a little bit extra in her knickers.

Luci is really slutty and downright dirty tgirl and you’ll be thrilled at amazing things she gets up to in her explicit hardcore videos.

Recently Luci got a group of her friends together to help live out one of her all time fantasies – to be the center of attention at a bukkake party.

‘Greedy girl’ Luci got her wish and she enjoyed sucking all the cocks and tasting the cum of those lucky guys that attended.

In fact, this was Luci’s very first trannie bukkake party and she plans to hold many more. The offer is open to her members so perhaps you could join her next time (she’s based in London).

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