May 302013
Lady Anabelle Strict Dominatrix Fucking A Tranny With Strapon Dildo

Lady Anabelle dominate tranny Kitti and fucks her up the ass with a big black dildo in this video at Vintage Crossdressing

Lady Annabelle had Kitti just where she wanted her… Trapped in the dungeon and bent over so she could give her tranny slave the fucking she deserved.

Kitti was dressed up like a filthy whore in her seamed nylon stockings, multi-suspender belt and stiletto heels and ready to take strap-on punishment from her Ladyship.

Lady Annabelle was in a bitching mood, dressed in her generals uniform, her pretty face framed by a peaked cap, her waist held tight in a leather corset and her legs covered in tight, shiny latex.

Her Ladyship had a thick, black strap-on cock buckled around her hips and forced it into poor Kitti’s mouth and made her suck on it good, in preparation for where it was going next…

Lady Annabelle stood behind Kitti and grabbed her cock between her legs and milked it in her firm hand, then she mounted Kitti and forced the strap-on dildo inside her filthy, tranny fuck hole.

Kitti screamed as Lady Annabelle rode her tranny arse and thrust the huge black cock deep inside her shitter, the thick latex dildo reaming her anal passage and rubbing against her prostate felt extraordinarily exquisite.

Oh,what bliss it was, having her ladyship riding her ass and taking pleasure from it; sending Kitti wild with lustful abandon and filled with the desire to be a perfect slave to her mistress.


Feb 032012

Mistress Annabelle Vintage Crossdressing Videos

Lady Annabelle is a lifestyle dominatrix who trains and dominates her sissy slaves and makes them dress in genuine nylon stockings, retro-style underwear and heels.

Bringing a touch of real class to transvestite porn, Lady Annabelle indulges her passion for vintage styles of clothing and underwear, forcing her sissy slaves to dress up in feminine garments and subjecting them to punishments using whips, canes, dildos and fucking machines.

Lady Annabelle is the embodiment of female perfection, and her beauty alone will have you begging at her feet to become one of her devotees. She even encourages those willing to submit to her commands to contact her for personal training.

Meanwhile you can watch her weekly videos and get a taste of what you can expect when you enter the world of Lady Annabelle at Vintage Crossdressing, where all your crossdressing dreams cum true…

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