Aug 012012

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‘I’m such a pretty feminine tranny slut who loves to just get all dressed up in girly things, and relax on this big bed of mine wearing a little pair of black knickers and slutty stockings while I surf the ‘net looking at porn.

‘It gets me all excited looking at other tgirls and crossdressers wanking their big cocks, and I soon begin to stroke my own tranny erection as I’m a horny little transvestite girl who’s all dressed up for a hard, anal shagging.

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Jan 232012

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Sometimes it only takes a soft pair of gorgeous stockings to really get this tranny cock of mine feeling nice and hard. The moment I put on my stockings, I feel my body start to shiver with excitement, and my tranny dick just goes so hard.

All I want to do is play all day long in my sexy stockings, teasing my cock to the point of cumming. But I’m not going to waste this opportunity to get my monster dildo’s out, and really go to town on this tight ass of mine.

I’m really starting to get so fucking horny now, and my fingers claw over these slutty stockings as I feel the whore in me wanting some cock.

There’s only one thing for it now, I’m going to have to go to my toy collection and pull out the biggest one I can find, then lube it up slowly and ease it into my tranny ass.

I want my body to shudder and shake as I fuck myself up the ass and take it like a dirty whore. Then I want to wank my clitty cock and shoot a hot load of sperm all over myself and just lay back completely satisfied.

Can you think of a more perfect way to spend the day? I know I can’t!



Oct 052011

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There really is something very sexy about black lingerie, isn’t there? I’m a big fan of beautiful black nylon, and I love they way these patterned stockings cling to my gorgeous legs, they look simply fantastic!

I have this fan who wanted to see me wanking in my stockings, so I started off slowly with just a few teasing shots of me masturbating and spreading my gorgeous long legs open.

The thought of this filthy fan yanking his erect shaft, made me feel the need to have my arse stretched wide open, and I fantasized about having an over-sized cock deep inside my ass.

Being the total anal slut that I am, I lubed up my favourite massive dildo and rammed it up inside my ass, and straight away my tranny cock started dripping with pre-cum!

I’m such a greedy girl, the thought of having two cocks in my ass seemed like my idea of heaven. So I grabbed another dildo and stuffed it up my tranny fuck hole, stretching my anal pussy to accommodate this lovely second cock which fit so snugly up my arse.

I knew it wouldn’t be long until my cock shot my warm cum.. I’m such a horny tranny slut, I hope this fan realizes how lucky he is!


Dec 012010

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I’m having have some really fun nights on my own at the moment, and it’s all down to my transvestite arse getting absolutely punished by this set of monster dildo toys.

I always like to take some posing shots before I get down and dirty with my sex toys, pouting my full lips and gorgeous face like the beautiful crossdresser that I am! I know I look like such a sexy transvestite wench laying on my bed, ready to punish my transvestite arse!

Each one of these fuck toys can spread my transvestite ass wide open, and completely take my breath away as I fuck myself all night long. Sometimes I even surprise myself when I put the real big ones inside!

Wouldn’t you love to watch me laying on my big bed and giving my tranny ass some real punishment? I made my ass wide for you, using my speculum and toys to stretch it open. Now it’s ready for you to fuck!

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Feel how I fit you like a glove as I milk your cock with my ass! Push your cock deep into me and deposit your sperm right up my tranny fuck hole and let me be your girl!

You know I’m always up for something hardcore, and when I’ve got a partner to play with it’s even more fun. Cum and see me at Kim’s Anal Playground and let’s get the party started!

May 272009
Kim Books Into A Hotel and Fucks Her Ass With Sex Toys

Kim Books Into A Hotel and Fucks Her Ass With Sex Toys

Being an easy tgirl tramp sure is a lot of fun! I just love to get all dressed up in girly things and book myself into a hotel, looking for some cock action. So I went one weekend recently to a hotel dressed in my leopard skin jacket, black stockings attached to my girlie suspender belt, and wore some slutty leopard print heels!

I’m smoking hot in my tranny-girl clothes. Oh so shagging femme! My legs looked fabulous in my sexy nylons and heels. I’m a aroused slutty little crossdresser girl all dressed up for a hard, anal shagging, hanging about the corridors of the hotel, waiting…

Oh god, I’m so ready to have a guy… any guy… just willing to put his dick up inside my tight pink fuck hole.. all waiting for you baby, to cum and pump your rod up my willing ass.

I hung around and waited…wanting a big meaty cock inside me.. but no one is there for me. So I went back to my room and got out my favorite toys. They never let this girl down!

I spread my legs wide, bringing my heels way up into the air, begging for a massive hard-on to enter me. My legs come together as I rub my pretty cock and moan like an anal cum whore. I’m ultra hot and easy.. a desperate, transvestite whore who needs a monster member tonight, baby!

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Apr 012009

Gorgeous blonde Tgirl in pink dress

This is how I usually wait at home when I have a guy coming over to pummel me. I spend all afternoon getting ready for him! I make myself ultra soft and pretty, because I want to be the most beautiful tgirl whore for my men.

It’s not enough, though, just to be all dolled up and pretty. When my boyfriends come over to use me, I want to be drippy hot for them. That way the first thing I can do when I see them is get down on my knees like a crossdresser cum slut so I can suck their big cocks.

But first I have to get in the mood! Like there’s ever a moment where I’m not horny and desperate? I crawl around on the floor in my lingerie, dragging my panty-covered dick against the carpet. Every so often I take break, laying on my back and spreading my crossdresser legs wide.

I rub the huge bulge beneath my pretty panties, imagining how you’re going grab and squeeze me through them when you show up. My cock ring keeps my hard tranny rod from getting off though, and by the time you get here, I’m all worked up in an anal-cock-bitch frenzy!

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