Apr 072012

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Who do you think can be the filthiest whores? Chicks with dicks or hot MILFs with their strapon cocks?

Find out who wins the battle of the hot bitches in this movie Transvestites vs MILF’s, when hot blonde MILF Karen Kay gets together with tgirls Luci May and Rachel Lyons for a hot fuck.

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Feb 032012

Mistress Annabelle Vintage Crossdressing Videos

Lady Annabelle is a lifestyle dominatrix who trains and dominates her sissy slaves and makes them dress in genuine nylon stockings, retro-style underwear and heels.

Bringing a touch of real class to transvestite porn, Lady Annabelle indulges her passion for vintage styles of clothing and underwear, forcing her sissy slaves to dress up in feminine garments and subjecting them to punishments using whips, canes, dildos and fucking machines.

Lady Annabelle is the embodiment of female perfection, and her beauty alone will have you begging at her feet to become one of her devotees. She even encourages those willing to submit to her commands to contact her for personal training.

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May 272011

Cassy Cassard Transvestites Sucking Cocks In Black Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Video

Hi, I’m Cassy Cassard and I love wearing nylon stockings and having sex with other transvestites, tgirls and guys.

I know that you want to fuck me, and I’d love to feel your cock in my asscunt, which and it is always ready to take your hard dick!

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I’m open to nearly everything from hardcore fucking, lesbian transvestite sex, role-playing and dressing up in stockings and suspenders.

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Feb 182011

andrea-nobeli-beautiful transsexuals sucking and fucking in stockings

Andréa Nobili is an Italian porn director of outstanding transsexual hardcore movies, featuring some of the world’s most ravishing transsexuals sucking and fucking in lingerie, stockings and heels.

Mr Nobili has been producing some of the finest transsexual erotica over the years, and his site brings together many of his previous movies as well as the most up to date productions under one roof.

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Feb 012009

Retro trannys fuck, suck and blow their load in this feature length hardcore transvestite movie Shemale Sperm Whores.

Morelle DeKeigh, Annie Sprinkle, Carnal Candy, Summer St. Cerely, Magnificent Margo, Lisa and more, show you what sperm drinking, cum shooting pigs they are in this pre-condom fuckfest from the Mistress of Filth, Kim Christy.

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Jul 232008

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