Sep 012012

Delia Ts - Big Cock Tranny Wanking In Panties, Stockings And Suspenders

“I’ve always had a fetish for feminine clothing and never feel more sexy than when I’m all dressed up in sexy skirts, panties and lingerie,” Delia says about her love of dressing up in sexy clothes and underwear.

“I love how my legs look in these tan nylon stockings, the sensation of the nylon clinging to my legs made my cock stiffen in my tight pink panties. And there’s nothing like wearing a sexy pink garterbelt like this one, with the garters stretching down to my stocking tops and framing the bulge of my cock which thrusts against the crotch of my panties.

“There’s nothing quite like having your own tits to play with, which as you know were an important part of my transition to becoming a woman. Wearing this matching pink bra over my rather large breasts makes me feel so feminine, and just slipping the straps over my shoulders and letting them hang free is so sensational.

“One of the advantages of being a TS is having both tits and a cock and I love stroking my thick erection; there’s nothing like having both tits and a cock to play with at the same time. I love using toys and stroking my she-cock for all of my fans, and I love doing cam shows for them or hearing how they have enjoyed my videos.”


May 072010


Want to dress up and stroke off with me? I’ve got tons of pictures with lots more nylon stockings, pantyhose, thigh highs and feminine clothes, plus cum-filled VIDEOS and live shows with toys!

Feel sweet anticipation building as I tease you with views up my skirts, dressed in satin, lace and high heels, before unveiling my thick, engorged femrod! See it poking out of my panties, tenting out my dresses, and wrapped in see-through fabrics!

If you love seeing a TGirl pleasure herself and even eat her own cum, I have some videos you’ll REALLY ENJOY!

Watch me using toys, stroking my she-cock while I’m all dressed up in panties, stockings or pantyhose, and getting a helping hand from my pervy girlfriend, Trixie, who treats me like a hot fem-slut.


Aug 192008

Meet Delia, a classy trans-woman who started her porn site as a crossdresser and is now transitioning into a TS having started hormone therapy to make her tiny titties grow, and laser treatments have made her face super-soft!

Don’t worry though, Delia plans on keeping her she-cock!

One of her members with exquisite taste gifted her with this beautiful outfit, stockings and heels which she is seen wearing here in the bathroom. See Delia cum on her stockings in the full image set on her personal website Delia CD.

Feb 142008

Delia gets dressed up special for Valentines day in net pantyhose and red slip

Delia has a very special Valentine treat for you today and she dresses up in her high heels, net pantyhose and a tight red slip, served up with a saucy sex-kitten pout.

Delia has captured that old-fashioned pinup-girl quality of sweet, seductive sexiness that starts out with a tease and ends up explicitly, but only after her fans have been suitably tormented with a slow strip-tease.

Her ‘gift’ is all wrapped up in black fishnet and she wants you to cum and discover it on her fabulous website devoted to crossdressing up in feminine lingerie, nylons, panties and more.

So make a date today with Delia CD, I’m sure she’d love to hear about all your trannie fantasies.

Jan 312008


Ever fantasize about some sexy housewife you once knew, one that always wore nice clothes and looked her best?

Perhaps she was a neighbor or your best friend’s mother? You always admired how she looked, the way she moved and her sexy outline beneath her smart clothes.

In fact she made such an impression, you now like to emulate her and dress up trannie style like that housewife who turned you on. She is your model and inspiration on which you base your look.

Delia does just that, crossdressed as a sexy housewife in her high heel pumps, stockings, and sweet ruffled bra with matching gartered panties.

Untie the silky ribbon of her aqua ruffle panties and see her trannie cock spring out, pink and stiff at Delia CD.