May 012011

mrsloving milks a sissy cock in panties until it spurts cum video

Sissy Lauren loves looking up women’s skirts to get a peek at what they are wearing. Sissy gets hard at the sight of damp panties, stockings tops and garterbelts, in fact all the secret things that ladies wear under their clothes.

With this in mind Mrs Loving makes Lauren lay down on the bench, and lifts her skirt so she she can straddle Lauren’s head. ‘Get a good look at my panties,’ says Mrs Loving, as she lowers herself over Lauren’s face and gives her a perfect view of her damp knickers.

‘Smell my scent, sissy’, Mrs Loving commands, as she moves her nylon panty gusset over Lauren’s nose. ‘That’s it, inhale my womanly fragrance!’ Sitting on sissy’s face, Mrs Loving pulls Lauren’s panties down to expose her clitty hard cock and takes it in her firm grip.

Rubbing her moist panty gusset over Lauren’s nose, Mrs Loving begins the milking with her expert hands. Lauren licks the damp gusset of Mrs Loving’s panties, as mistress tugs and teases the cum out of her helpless sissy plaything. Pumping Lauren’s cock until she spurts her sissy cream, Mrs Loving smiles as she catches it in her hand so sissy can lick it all off!


Apr 302011


Mistress Helga got herself two naughty little crossdressers to play with the other day, and made them suck each other off while she fucked their tranny whore arses.

Dressed in their favorite slutty clothes, one in an open-bottom girdle and nylons, the other in sissy pink satin, stockings and suspenders, they both looked ready for  a good fucking.

This horny pair loved being ordered about, told what what to do, and when to do it, and Mistress Helga made sure they both sucked each others hard tranny cocks in turn.

Mistress Helga then fucked their tight tgirl assholes, making sure one tranny whore gave oral service to her friend, while she took the other one up the ass with her strapon.

Mistress plunged her cock into the first crossdresser’s arse, stretching her tranny fuck hole to the limit, as the little tranny bitch sucked enthusiastically on the others throbbing clitty cock.

These tgirl sluts sure learned who was in charge, and they took everything Mistress Helga gave them, loving every second of it as their slutty mouths and arses were filled with her monster strapon cock.


Mar 012011

lucy may bound bondage transvestite crossdresser wanking in suspenders and stockings

Every time I dress up in my tranny slut clothes, my cock gets so erect and I can’t stop giving it a good tug. This time my master caught me at it, and decided it was time I was punished.

I’ve been such a dirty crossdresser slut lately, dressing up in my stockings, panties and body-shaper with the cupped bra. My cock gets so hard in my panties when I look at myself in the mirror, I like to stroke it as my erection strains against the material of my knickers.

All the more reason for my master to punish me for being a naughty tranny whore, so he’s decided to tie me up so I can’t play with myself.

He ties my hand to a top beam and makes me look at my tranny self all dressed up in the mirror. My cock gets stiff in my panties, and I can’t even spread my legs. I’m aching to get my cock out and be a filthy transvestite slut again, so he lets my hands free.

I release my cock from the tight confinement of my panties and give it a good wank. I think he secretly enjoys seeing me wanking as I stand in my stockings and panties and stroke my rod, gripping the shaft in my fist as I tug myself off and watch me release my tranny cum.


Jan 202011

sissy made to wear pink dress and frilly panties around his cock by mrslovings

Sissy Lauren has been caught wearing and masturbating in Auntie’s Panties, so he is sent to Mrs Loving for some serious feminization training.

Lauren gets humiliated, teased and spanked with a paddle by Mrs Loving until his bottom is bright red, and his cock is hard from the thrill of being punished. Then Mrs Loving begins the most exciting part of the training for sissies.

Firstly, she makes Lauren wear a black bra with silicone breast forms to create that feminine look. Then she make him wear a pink tight fitting satin dress, with a frilly tutu that makes his cock stiff with excitement. Mrs Loving then tells him to put on a pair of pink full cut nylon panties, while she watches and instructs. He slips into the panties and pulls them up slowly until then are just below his cock, then Mrs Loving takes his erection in one hand and pulls the panties up over his stiff member.

Lauren feels humiliated and embarrassed wearing these very girlie panties with the rosebud embroidery and little pink satin bows, and Mrs Loving teases him about what a sissy he is… Even though he feels embarrassed wearing the pink dress and panties, his clitty cock is throbbing with the thrill of being dressed up like a girl. He is so excited, Mrs. Loving is afraid he may be ready to spurt his sissy cream right into her hand and panties, as she feels his cock through the flimsy material.


Jan 012011

zoe fuckpuppet slutty tranny in stockings wanking with dldo up the ass

I love the gothic look so I dyed my hair black and pulled out my sexy PVC dress and very black stockings for a little playtime.

I lay down on my bed in my horny little black outfit and started to play with my 10 inch tranny rod, stroking it up to full size.

My shaft was so hard, I rolled the tip of my cockhead around with my fingers and rubbed my shaved heavy balls with my spare hand.

The PVC dress I was wearing felt so tight, and my naked body underneath tingled as I felt it constrict me.

My breathing became heavier as I yanked my crossdresser cock, and I wriggled around on my bed like a slut begging to get fucked hard.

Maybe I’ll make some calls and get someone to finish me off!

Would you like to cum and play with your favorite crossdressing tranny slut? I knew you would, because I can show you a real good time as only Zoe Fuckpuppet can!

Sep 012010

mrs lovings fucking sissy crossdresser up the ass

Sissy Christine’s pussy is lubed up by Mrs Loving’s finger, and she slides her fingers right into sissys ass, opening her up and getting her ready for her strap on cock. Mrs Loving makes Sissy Christine get into her fucking sling, and Christine’s legs are spread wide open and restrained so she has access to her sissy pussy.

Now that Sissy Christine’s ass is ready for Mrs Loving, she gets her strap on cock lubed up and ready too. Mrs Loving gently begins to work the dildo into Sissy Christine’s ass, making sure to be slow and careful. She tells Sissy to relax her pussy fuck hole and then the dildo slowly slides into Christine’s ass pussy and then the fucking begins.

Sissy Christine feels Mrs Loving’s cock fill and stretch her sissy fuck hole and she wanks her cock as her mature mistress teaches her ass.

Mrs Loving loves to fuck her sissy’s and it really shows in this video here at Mrs Lovings.

Jun 272010

strapon jane fucks stocking tranny

This tranny crossdresser was just begging to be fucked by Miss Abandon and myself, so we teased and denied this subservient creature with our big strapon cocks.

Our tranny plaything had dressed up in seamed black stockings, suspenders, wig and heels because she wanted us to treat her like a real girl and fuck her virgin arse.

We made her take our dildos into her slutty transvestite mouth, making sure she got them wet with her own saliva, and told her to keep sucking until we said otherwise!

We got so horny listening to this crossdresser fuck toy moan and groan as she sucked our dongs that we started to kiss, completely ignoring the submissive slut as our tongues intertwined.

We’d gone easy on her for too long, and it was time that she felt what it was like to get fucked hard in the ass by two very filthy femdoms such as ourselves.

We got that stockinged transvestite bitch on her knees and gave her what she deserved, taking turns at plundering her tight tranny pussy.

Follow the latest arse fucking adventures of Strapon Jane as she shags the nation’s sluttiest crossdressers and sissies.

May 302010


My reputation as a dominant precedes me and I recently met this transvestite slut at a fetish club which was hosting a tranny evening. This little whore approached me looking for a fucking and begged me to take her home and ream her arse with my strapon.

I got her home as soon as possible where she posed for me, bending over in her tranny stockings and showing off her round tgirl tush like a little tart.

I bent that little slut over and pulled her panties down, grabbing her tranny cock and milking it with squeezing motions with my hand.

Then I made her suck on my latex cock, pushing her head down and she greedily sucked on my black rubber penis like a filthy whore.

I lubed up my massive strapon cock, and making her lie on her side I pushed it into her cock hungry ass. She was backing up onto me, her ass eager for more rubber cock as I forced my latex dong up her tranny fuck hole, stretching it wide with every thrust.

I gave that slut everything she wanted and more, finally jerking her off with that latex cock fully inserted up her butt hole.


Apr 032010


Crossdresser in black girdle and stockings wanked and sucked off by nylon mistress Angel at Pantyhose in Nylons.

Love dressing in layers of sexy pantyhose and stockings? Like watching movies featuring nylon masks, nylon foot jobs, nylon hand wanks? Then Angel has lots of sheer, seamless and shiny pantyhose and nylon stockings in her collection, and she’s doing a lot more with them besides.

Angel is quite a specialist when it comes to giving nylon foot jobs, hand jobs and she’d being doing it a long time. Her site(s) cover all areas of extreme nylon sex, which include crossdressing themes with her partner. Together they explore the most erotic nylon fetishes, the kinkier the better!

If you love pantyhose and tights, layers of nylon, suspenders, girdles, sexy nylon foot play and spunky nylon jobs, then you check out all her weekly updates at Pantyhose In Nylons. It’s a nylon fetishists dream!

Mar 252010

Auntie Masturbates Her Crossdressing Nephew In Her Stockings & Panties

Auntie Cheryl realizes her nephew has been going through her underwear draw while she is out.

On his next visit she gets him to confess he has been wearing her clothes, so as a punishment she make him dress him up in her stockings and panties.

Auntie Cheryl had wanted to see her nephew squirt his creamy cum for a long while. She has fun watching him dress up in her panties and making his cock big and hard, before she settles down to wank him off.

She pulls his panties down and exposes his hard cock, already dripping with pre-come, and starts to wank his throbbing clitty with her expert hands. Watch as she begins the milking masturbation session. You’ll see the very first time she masturbated her nephew.

After she’s done wanking him off and he has cum like a good boy, Aunt Cheryl’s face glows with satisfaction.

Sissys and crossdressers get dressed up and wank with their female friends at Panty Club 4 Men.