Nov 192012


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Oct 302012

Hard Cock Encased In Layers Of Pantyhose, Stockings And Suspenders

There’s something very naughty about wearing ladies panties, isn’t there? They always feel so gorgeous when I put them on and I love the way my Pantie Boy dick looks when it’s wrapped up inside them, so soft and snug around my balls.

I love wearing my wife’s panties when she goes out to the bingo with her friends and I have the house to myself. When the door is locked, I’m home alone and with no more disturbances there’s just one thing left to do. I head on up to the bedroom and look in my wife’s drawers and find a suitable pair of panties to wear for the evening. She has all sorts of things in there that I like to wear… Pantyhose, stockings and garterbelts, a big selection that I’ll enjoy putting on and really pleasure myself while I’m doing so.

I like to stand in front of the full length mirror in my wife’s sheer nylon pantyhose and knickers, and stroke the outline of my hard cock through the tight encasement. I feel my stiff cock getting harder behind the tight layers of panties and pantyhose that encase my erection, and I tease the head of my throbbing cock, making the tip wet with pre-cum which starts to show through the panties. I’m not even going to pull this hard cock of mine out of my knickers just yet, because the way it feels as the tip rubs my panties makes me feel so good. I’ve only just started wanking but I’m already about to explode cum everywhere, so I need to take things a little slower and just tease myself.

I put my hand inside, rubbing and tickling my cock as I work myself slowly to the point of cumming them hold back on spurting my juice. Then I start again and grip my pantie boy cock and begin to masturbate fast, stroking my cock inside the cocoon of my wife’s silky knickers. I can feel the blood rushing to my cock and I’m breathing heavy as I wank inside these panties.They feel so nice and tight and my cock feels constricted which just gets me feeling even more horny.

That’s it, I can’t hold it back any longer. I’m going to shoot my huge load deep inside these knickers and then rub it all over my dick, it’s going to feel so good! My fist pumps my throbbing cock inside the panties as I look in the mirror and I feel the soft, silky, material pulling tightly against my balls. I breathe faster as I feel the rush of my sperm travelling from my balls to the end of my cock and blast hot, sticky cum inside my wife’s sexy knickers.


Jun 302012

Slutty Trans In Pantyhose Washes Her Bollocks In The Kitchen Sink

Zoe was at home cleaning up her kitchen one day feeling very horny, so she decided to climb into the sink and give her bollocks a good wash.

All of that morning she had felt a smoldering sexual arousal and feeling of horniness building up slowly as she went about her housework like a proper little maid. The incredible sensation of her tight fitting leather corset around her waist, and the feel of her new fashion pantyhose with the open crotch she was wearing had made feel so fucking horny, that she was ready for a little playtime.

Excitedly Zoe ran the tap and filled the sink with soapy water, then climbed up and sank her arse, balls and cock into the warm liquid, which she could feel soak right into her sexy new pantyhose and swirl around her naked parts.

Zoe’s 10 inch tranny cock immediately stirred to full erection, and she began stroking it up to full size with her hand gripped around her rod as she pumped it in the soapy suds. Her shaft was so hard it was standing out above the level of the suds, so she rolled the tip of her cockhead around in her fingers and rubbed her shaved heavy bollocks under the warm water with her spare hand.

Zoe’s leather corset made her body tingle as it constricted tightly around her waist as she wanked herself off excitedly. Her breathing became heavier as she yanked her crossdresser cock and wiggled her ass around in the soapy water like a wanton slut begging to be fucked hard.

Zoe had a great time playing around in the soapy suds, getting her pantyhose all wet and clingy as she wanked off her soapy cock.  Giving her enormous tranny erection a good tug, she finally came hard and shot a huge wad of thick white cum as she wanked herself off in the kitchen.

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May 212012

Crossdresser Transvestite In Stockings and Suspenders Fucked By Mistress Jane With Strapon

Mistress Jane has had all sorts crossdressers begging her to fuck them lately, so when she saw the photos she got from this slutty crossdresser, Jane couldn’t wait to get this sissy slut on her knees and have her begging to be fucked hard up the ass with a big strap-on.

Mistress Jane immediately got on the phone and ordered this tranny bitch to get around quickly if she truly wanted to receive the assfucking of her life! Sure enough, Kitti arrived wearing a tight fitting dress, stockings and heels and eager to please her new mistress.

Jane tied Kitti’s hands to the bed-frame, then forced the willing slut to take the strap-on deep in her throat, making her gag on it like a good little cocksucking whore. Kitty begged for more and was made to get on her knees and present her suspendered ass for the fucking. Mistress Jane got behind the wanton slut and forced the thick shaft of her strap-on right up that tranny ass.

Jane plunged the strap-on deeper into the cock-hungry ass of her new found sissy slut, forcing the tight muscle of Kitti’s sphincter to spasm around the shaft with every stroke as she fucked her harder in ever increasing strokes.



Apr 072012

Transvestites vs MILF's crossdressers fucked by beautiful ladies video on demand

Who do you think can be the filthiest whores? Chicks with dicks or hot MILFs with their strapon cocks?

Find out who wins the battle of the hot bitches in this movie Transvestites vs MILF’s, when hot blonde MILF Karen Kay gets together with tgirls Luci May and Rachel Lyons for a hot fuck.

Watch as Karen gets wet between the legs when this part of tranny sluts fuck her with vibrators. Then see how she sucks their cocks, and gives both Luci and Rachel a good fucking up the ass with her strapon cock!

Everyone’s a winner in this one so check out Transvestites vs MILF’s and enjoy watching this filthy threesome satisfy their lusts!


Feb 072012

Joanna Jet Hot Tranny Business Lady Wanking Cock In Office Stockings & Suspenders

I love dressing 80’s style as a super hot business lady in my smart suit, stocking and heels, it gets me so very turned on.

Sitting at my desk I can feel my cock getting hard under my tight pencil skirt, my erection pushing against the silky material of my panties.

I rub my stockinged thighs together to try and give myself a hands free orgasm but it’s not quite enough, so I pull up my skirt, pull down my panties and let my cock spring free of it’s confinement.

At last I can stroke my thick cock and wank myself off in the office, wishing you were here right now and fucking me on the desk.

I’m Joanne Jet, your hot transsexual business bitch with a huge cock in stockings ready for action. Would you like to fuck me?

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Dec 162011

Mrs Lovings Wanking Off Two Crossdressers In Stockings Suspenders and Panties Video

If you watch this movie carefully, you’ll see Mrs Loving gets very excited and turned on when she plays with her sissies, Allyson and Monika.

She begins by telling them to kiss and feel each other up, and soon their cocks form big bulges in their dresses that Mrs Loving must explore and expose.

Mrs Loving watches, instructs and guides her sissies as they explore oral sex and suck each others stiff cocks in turn.

Mrs Loving gets so excited seeing them pleasure each other, she instructs them to worship her panty crotch, making them and sniff and lick her womanhood through the damp cotton of her panties.

While she is sucking on Monika’s clitty cock, she jerks off Allyson who suddenly cums due to all the erotic excitement of the situation.

Next, Mrs Loving makes her sissies kneel and bend while she prepares their arses with her fingers, and then fucks one of her sissies from behind with her strapon.

After the fucking, Mrs Loving sits on the couch with their stockinged legs draped over hers, then she begins the long slow milking of their cocks that releases more sissy cream than you can imagine.


Nov 012011

Pantyhose crossdressers wanking each others cocks video

Only another crossdresser knows how to satisfy your need to dress up in nylon pantyhose and have wild pantyhose sex. Which is why Monika and Allyson got together for a lustful afternoon of mutual crossdressing, and uninhibited pantyhose sex as seen in this video at Panty Club For Men.

Crossdresser’s Monika and Allyson love dressing up in dresses, lingerie and fabulous nylon pantyhose, and became very aroused while helping each other to dress up in their pretty dresses and panties.

They were soon both sporting huge erections which bulged at the front of their tight pantyhoses, which elicited them to begin touching each others cocks through the nylon screen of their hose.

They soon found themselves in a close pantyhose embrace, masturbating each other through their sexy hose, and rubbing their cocks together which made them slippery with girlie pre-cum.

Pantyhose crossdressers mutual wanking togetherand spunking in nylon hose video

Pulling their pantyhose down to their thighs, they got into a 69 position with stretched pantyhose gussets close to each others faces, indulging in an orgy of shared cock sucking and ball licking.

They mutually masturbated each other with hands inside the other’s hose, then they finished by stroking their own cocks and shooting thick white cum through the nylon mesh of their sexy pantyhose.


Aug 032011

Strapon Jane Fucks Stocking Transvestite Up The Ass

I get all kinds of transvestites and crossdressers of all shapes and sizes visiting me for a good ass fucking.  So it was nice to get my hands on this curvy tranny slut, as I hadn’t had a fuller figured tranny for a while.

It turned out that this tranny whore was a real filthy girl who liked a little bit of BDSM. So I immediately popped her in the cage and tormented her by pushing my strapon cock through the bars, letting her know exactly what was going to happen to that tranny ass of hers.

This transvestite slut begged and moaned for me to release her, as she was so eager to get her tranny ass fucked by my monster strapon.

I bent that tgirl fuck toy over and spread her big ass wide open, then filled her tranny arse with what she’d been craving for… My 10 inch strapon!

This tranny bitch yelped like a little dog at first, but then that soon turned into loud moans of pleasure as I stretched and widened her tranny fuck hole with my big erect cock!

What a filthy crossdresser fuck slut she tuned out to be, and after thoroughly I’d punished her tranny arse she left smiling. Well, smiling and limping anyway.


May 272011

Cassy Cassard Transvestites Sucking Cocks In Black Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Video

Hi, I’m Cassy Cassard and I love wearing nylon stockings and having sex with other transvestites, tgirls and guys.

I know that you want to fuck me, and I’d love to feel your cock in my asscunt, which and it is always ready to take your hard dick!

I love to give pleasure to men and trannies, which is why I go to swinger and tgirl parties to suck their cocks and make them cum inside me.

I’m open to nearly everything from hardcore fucking, lesbian transvestite sex, role-playing and dressing up in stockings and suspenders.

If you love dirty crossdressers then I’m your girl, who will satisfy your dreams and desires of filthy hardcore sex with a slutty transvestite.