Oct 302012

Hard Cock Encased In Layers Of Pantyhose, Stockings And Suspenders

There’s something very naughty about wearing ladies panties, isn’t there? They always feel so gorgeous when I put them on and I love the way my Pantie Boy dick looks when it’s wrapped up inside them, so soft and snug around my balls.

I love wearing my wife’s panties when she goes out to the bingo with her friends and I have the house to myself. When the door is locked, I’m home alone and with no more disturbances there’s just one thing left to do. I head on up to the bedroom and look in my wife’s drawers and find a suitable pair of panties to wear for the evening. She has all sorts of things in there that I like to wear… Pantyhose, stockings and garterbelts, a big selection that I’ll enjoy putting on and really pleasure myself while I’m doing so.

I like to stand in front of the full length mirror in my wife’s sheer nylon pantyhose and knickers, and stroke the outline of my hard cock through the tight encasement. I feel my stiff cock getting harder behind the tight layers of panties and pantyhose that encase my erection, and I tease the head of my throbbing cock, making the tip wet with pre-cum which starts to show through the panties. I’m not even going to pull this hard cock of mine out of my knickers just yet, because the way it feels as the tip rubs my panties makes me feel so good. I’ve only just started wanking but I’m already about to explode cum everywhere, so I need to take things a little slower and just tease myself.

I put my hand inside, rubbing and tickling my cock as I work myself slowly to the point of cumming them hold back on spurting my juice. Then I start again and grip my pantie boy cock and begin to masturbate fast, stroking my cock inside the cocoon of my wife’s silky knickers. I can feel the blood rushing to my cock and I’m breathing heavy as I wank inside these panties.They feel so nice and tight and my cock feels constricted which just gets me feeling even more horny.

That’s it, I can’t hold it back any longer. I’m going to shoot my huge load deep inside these knickers and then rub it all over my dick, it’s going to feel so good! My fist pumps my throbbing cock inside the panties as I look in the mirror and I feel the soft, silky, material pulling tightly against my balls. I breathe faster as I feel the rush of my sperm travelling from my balls to the end of my cock and blast hot, sticky cum inside my wife’s sexy knickers.