Jun 302012

Slutty Trans In Pantyhose Washes Her Bollocks In The Kitchen Sink

Zoe was at home cleaning up her kitchen one day feeling very horny, so she decided to climb into the sink and give her bollocks a good wash.

All of that morning she had felt a smoldering sexual arousal and feeling of horniness building up slowly as she went about her housework like a proper little maid. The incredible sensation of her tight fitting leather corset around her waist, and the feel of her new fashion pantyhose with the open crotch she was wearing had made feel so fucking horny, that she was ready for a little playtime.

Excitedly Zoe ran the tap and filled the sink with soapy water, then climbed up and sank her arse, balls and cock into the warm liquid, which she could feel soak right into her sexy new pantyhose and swirl around her naked parts.

Zoe’s 10 inch tranny cock immediately stirred to full erection, and she began stroking it up to full size with her hand gripped around her rod as she pumped it in the soapy suds. Her shaft was so hard it was standing out above the level of the suds, so she rolled the tip of her cockhead around in her fingers and rubbed her shaved heavy bollocks under the warm water with her spare hand.

Zoe’s leather corset made her body tingle as it constricted tightly around her waist as she wanked herself off excitedly. Her breathing became heavier as she yanked her crossdresser cock and wiggled her ass around in the soapy water like a wanton slut begging to be fucked hard.

Zoe had a great time playing around in the soapy suds, getting her pantyhose all wet and clingy as she wanked off her soapy cock.  Giving her enormous tranny erection a good tug, she finally came hard and shot a huge wad of thick white cum as she wanked herself off in the kitchen.

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