Dec 162011

Mrs Lovings Wanking Off Two Crossdressers In Stockings Suspenders and Panties Video

If you watch this movie carefully, you’ll see Mrs Loving gets very excited and turned on when she plays with her sissies, Allyson and Monika.

She begins by telling them to kiss and feel each other up, and soon their cocks form big bulges in their dresses that Mrs Loving must explore and expose.

Mrs Loving watches, instructs and guides her sissies as they explore oral sex and suck each others stiff cocks in turn.

Mrs Loving gets so excited seeing them pleasure each other, she instructs them to worship her panty crotch, making them and sniff and lick her womanhood through the damp cotton of her panties.

While she is sucking on Monika’s clitty cock, she jerks off Allyson who suddenly cums due to all the erotic excitement of the situation.

Next, Mrs Loving makes her sissies kneel and bend while she prepares their arses with her fingers, and then fucks one of her sissies from behind with her strapon.

After the fucking, Mrs Loving sits on the couch with their stockinged legs draped over hers, then she begins the long slow milking of their cocks that releases more sissy cream than you can imagine.


Dec 072011

Mistress Sue Wanks Off Crossdresser In Nylon Stockings, Suspenders and Panties With Her Gloved Hand Video At Nylon Extreme

Mistress Sue’s slave had long held a desire to dress up in feminine things, and one day plucked up the courage to ask if he could wear some of her lingerie.

Seeing an opportunity to tease her slave, Mistress Sue made him dress in a pair of her sheer nylon stockings, black suspender belt, sheer nylon panties and a satin slip.

Excited by the thrill of dressing in his mistress’s things, her slave’s erect cock formed huge bulge in the front of the satin slip as he stood before her wearing feminine garments.

Mistress Sue thought his obvious excitement was insolent, and making her sissified slave bend over in his stockings and suspenders, she spanked his sorry ass for his impertinent erection.

Even though she had administered his punishment, her slave’s cock remained erect. In fact he was more excited than before, so making him sit down she took his cock in her gloved hand and began stroking his throbbing erection.

Mistress Sue forbade her crossdressed slave to cum, teasing his stiff cock with the tips of her fingers around the crown of his bulging cockhead and denying him his orgasm.

She slowly wanked his cock, making him squirm and beg for release as she expertly masturbated his throbbing prick in her nylon gloved hand.

Mistress Sue milked her sissy slave’s cock, slowly coaxing the spunk out of his balls and bringing him to the point of no return, when jets of thick white cum flew out of his purple cockhead and splashed onto his sissy stocking tops.