Dec 142009
Crossdresser Wanked In Pantyhose By Mrs Loving

Crossdresser Wanked In Pantyhose By Mrs Loving

Mrs Loving introduces a crossdresser to pantyhose bondage and ties up his cock and balls, then makes him wear pantyhose and wanks him off!

Mrs loving instructs her new sissy crossdresser to put on stockings in a very feminine way. But she has even more fun and games in mind for her sissy novice, and ties a pair of pantyhose around his erect cock and balls.

You have to SEE THIS! Watch as she pulls him around the room by the pantyhose leash wrapped around his cock and balls. All that cock pulling with the nylon pantyhose tied around his cock makes it even more red and swollen.

Next, Mrs Loving makes him wear black pantyhose and puts latex ball separators and a cock ring around his tackle.

Mrs Loving admires how hard and erect his cock is behind the tight panel of the pantyhose, before cutting a hole and pulling his cock and balls out.

With his cock exposed, Mrs Loving bends him over, lubes his anus, and slides a finger deep in his sissy asshole. She fingers his sissy pussy, fucking it with one hand, while with the other hand she begins to tease-wank his cock.

Mrs Loving skilfully milks his cock, finally letting him spurt his cum all over her black shiny thigh high boots.

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Dec 032009
Tranny Business Lady Fucked In Ripped Pantyhose

Tranny Business Lady Fucked In Ripped Pantyhose

Tranny Business Lady Viki gets fucked in her ripped pantyhose in this movie from TS Pantyhose.

Viki felt so horny at work while wearing her pantyhose, she simply had to do something about her stiff cock tenting behind the tight panel of her nylon hose. So she called in her new male assistant into the office for some executive relief.

She knew he was strictly a ladies man, but she was so desperately in need of a fuck she would just have to persuade him to switch.

She determined she’d make this guy unable to resist fucking his first tranny bitch, so she teased him by pulling up her white pantyhose until the nylon mesh of the front panel was encased tightly around her swollen cock.

Tempted by the sight of her tranny cock, he went down on his knees and began sucking her feet and kissing her legs. Once she had his pants down she got to work on sucking his prick and wanking her cock.

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Her horny colleague rammed his pick up her filthy fuck hole and reamed her tight anal passage with his thick cock. Then as he felt himself coming, he pulled out his throbbing cock and spunked all over her pantyhose clad ass.

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