Oct 192009
Rita Fucks Trannie Husband With Strapon Cock

Rita Fucks Trannie Husband With Strapon Cock

Trannie husband in stockings fucked in the ass by wife with strapon cock in this movie from Strapon Sissies.

Maurice is fortunate to have an understanding wife like Rita, who loves to see him dressed in feminine clothes and underwear.

They especially enjoy their dressing up games when it involves strapon sex, as it takes them to heights of sexual ecstasy beyond anything else they have tried.

Rita enjoys taking Maurice up the ass with her strapon as it gives her a sense of power, and he loves it when she fucks him in his seamed nylon stockings and gives him a real good ass fucking.

Rita gets her crossdresser husband to suck on her strapon cock, then she makes him lie back, open his stocking legs and enters him as she lies on top.

Rita fucks his ass hard, stretching his sissy fuck hole with every stroke of that plunging shaft. Maurice loves being fucked like a dirty whore in stockings and lets Rita ream his ass.

She works him over and burying that cock deep in his asshole she makes him feel like a true sissy fuck doll. After all, that’s what sluts are good for..

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Oct 122009
Transvestite Luci May Feathers Her Cock With Duster

Tgirl Luci May Tickles Her Cock With Feather Duster

‘Today I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning, and being a naughty tranny slut, I wore my multi-strap garter belt, tan stockings, and did my chores without any panties on.

‘I got busy dusting with my feather duster, bending over so the back of my skirt lifted high. I love that sensation, bending like a pretty slut in my stockings, so I can feel the garters stretching at the tops of my stockings.

‘I’d just love for you to stand behind me and feel up my skirt, touching my stocking tops and stroking my naked thighs, then rubbing your hard cock against my ass.

‘I was feeling so horny from thinking about bending over in my stockings and taking a hard cock up my ass, I had to have some fun and relieve myself

‘So, I put on a cock ring and made my erect member throb and stand out between my legs, then I took my duster and tickled my cock shaft with the soft feathers.

‘Oh, I felt so naughty, standing in my stockings in the living room and teasing my throbbing cock with those feathers!  I decided to finish the cleaning another day and took this duster upstairs for a little tranny fun.’

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