Aug 142009
Karen TV Slut Fucking Her Tight Ass With Big Red Dildo

Karen TV Slut Fucking Her Tight Ass With Big Red Dildo

Dressed in her beige nylon stockings, Karen TV Slut fucks her tight trannie ass with a big red dildo.

After a long day at work as a receptionist, I couldn’t wait to get home, dress up in my slutty, transvestite office clothes and sexy high heels, and relax.

Wearing my beige nylon stockings, white suspender belt and pink ‘fuck me’ heels, made my crossdresser cock so stiff. I pranced around my apartment in my slutty heels, but my feet felt tired and need a nice long foot rub.

Laying down on my bed I massaged my heels and ankles slowly, but firmly, and while rubbing my tried feet through the nylon I felt my cock getting hard through my knickers.

I needed a cock up my arse, so I pulled out my favorite dildo from my special toy draw, and forced it into my mouth to make it nice and wet. I teased my anus with it, imagining it was a cock wanting to enter, and then pushed the tip of the dildo up my tight, tranny tush.

I worked that dildo up my hungry ass and felt it stretch my dirty fuck hole, sometimes sticking my fingers up there, then sliding the dildo back up.  Opening my stockinged legs wide like the dirty tranny slut that I am, I fucked my arse with that cock until I shot my hot tranny jizz all over my stomach.

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Aug 102009

Mrs Loving And Her Friend Sunny Play With Crossdresser Monika's Cock - Sissy-Panties

Mrs Loving and her friend Sunny are having a wonderful time teasing their sweet sissy crossdresser Monika, teaching her how to touch and please a woman through her panties.

Monika is taught to take his time pleasing women, and Mrs Loving shows him where a woman likes to be touched and how to touch her there.

Mrs Loving then shows Monika how to take off Sunny’s panties. Monika follows her instructions and removes Sunny’s knickers, pulling them down over her garters and down her stockinged legs.

Mrs Loving covers Sissy Monika’s face and nose with the white nylon panties and makes him sniff them while she plays with his swollen cock. Telling Monika to smell the panty gusset makes his cock hard. He inhales deeply taking in Sunny’s pussy smell as Mrs Loving teases his throbbing cock. He’s being made into a true sissy panty slave.

Mrs Loving and Sunny then get their sissy on all fours and play with his sissy clit and balls through his satin ruffled panties. They both enjoy seeing their sissie’s ass and cock exposed and hard.

Mrs loving puts on the latex gloves and begins to open our sissy’s asshole, while Sunny lubes up Monika’s big sissy clitty. So begins the long delicious milking. Sunny grips Monika’s shecock squeezing the shaft in her manicured hand, while Mrs Loving fingers our sissy maids ass with her black latex gloves.

Sunny senses the moment of climax, and holds the pink satin panties in place to receive the load of hot, sticky, sissy juice that explodes from Monika’s throbbing cock!


Aug 012009

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Transvestite Teaching shows what to wear, make up tips, sultry girly pleasures and shows these cock wielding minxes how to spread ’em wide in the most feminine of ways.

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