Jul 302009
Zoe Fuckpuppet Wanks Off Thinking About Her Own Tranny Cock

Zoe Fuckpuppet Wanks Off Thinking About Her Own Tranny Cock

I’m such a filthy cock slut, I sometime feels I want to wrap my moist mouth around my own dick, and taste the little dribbles of tranny jizz that leak from my cockhead.

I rub my fingers around my warm shaft, imagining it’s somebody else’s rod, and fantasize about that big dick slipping into my moist mouth, and sliding deep down my throat!

I’m aching for cock, and all I want to do is figure out some way of getting that meaty cock  inside of me. I yearn for it, begging to be used.

I get on my hands and knees and show off my ass hole, the place where I want that big prick to enter! I push my big, transvestite dick back as I reach around to pull my ass cheeks apart.

Maybe if I’m a big enough tramp, my cock will somehow find its way up inside my tranny whore hole.

I spread my legs real wide, like a good transvestite girl, and pull my tight ass cheeks apart. I can feel my big rod pulsing, and moments later I blast sticky cum all over my own little hole!

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Jul 252009

Tgirl princess gets her cock teased

This hot little tranny slut just loves to play the pretty princess, all dressed in pink and white. Behaving ever so innocent!

Except I know what a good fuck this crossdresser slut really is, and try as she might to hide that little shaft, I want to feel it inside of me!

“Come here, you stocking slut,” I beg her. “Show that sissy cock  to me baby, let me see it!”

She’s so shy though, and this femme tgirl crawls over my lap and hides her face in the pillows.

I rub her panty-covered ass as her cock leaks through its pink coverings, and drips clear sap against my thigh.

This little sissy is bisexual, and I think I know how to get her in the mood. I strip her little pink panties off, and turn her over so that she’s lying on her back.

“Smell them,” I say, pressing her soiled knickers against her face. She takes them, giggling as she hides beneath her own creamy garment.

As she licks her own wetness up, I touch and play with her smooth, hairless cock. It throbs and leaks, and when I rub my stocking-covered foot against her stiff transvestite member, this tranny princess begins to beg me.

The little wench is in heat, so I force her up to her knees and get in front of her. My tush slides back against her transvestite cock, and I grind against my pretty little princess until she spunks all over my pantied ass.

“That’s right, baby, lick up your pretty little mess!”


Jul 212009
TS Mandy Mitchell Fucks Female mandymitchell

TS Mandy Mitchell Fucks Female Karly

Transsexual Mandy Mitchell gave it hard to female Karly when they got together for a good fuck.

Mandy is a 28 year old pre-op Transsexual from Portland, USA, with serious exhibitionist tendencies.

Being a bit of a bi-sexual switch, Mandy enjpoys being both dominant and submissive with men, women and other Tgirls.

Mandy Mitchell will share all her erotic adventures with you on her official site Mandy-Mitchell.com where you will find her exploring all her favorite kinks, fetishes and fantasies.


Jul 122009
Nylon Jane Wanks Off A Big Tranny Cock In Stockings

Nylon Jane Wanks Off A Big Tranny Cock In Stockings

Nylon Jane discovered a new tranny fuck toy down at the fetish club who she invited her back home for some fun and games.

It was rumored that this particular tranny slut was well endowed, and Jane was not disappointed when she saw what a huge rod her new tranny friend had between her legs. In fact, she was amazed that such a big cock could be packed into those flimsy panties her friend was wearing.

Jane was so turned on at the sight of it, she just had to push those stockinged legs apart so she could rub it through the flimsy material of her friend’s underwear!

Running her fingers over the stiffening cock hiding behind those nylon panties, she enjoyed the sensation of its massive form as the shaft pressed back against her hand. If felt so exciting, feeling that huge sissy member thickening under her touch, just under the thin gauzy material of those undies.

Once that tranny cock was too large to be contained, Jane reached into the panties and slipping them to one side, she pulled out that huge tool and marveled at it’s size.

She ran her hand up and down the warm shaft, and felt it’s throbbing pulse in her hand as she grasped it, licking her painted lips as she stroked it to fully erect perfection.

She could feel it leaking pre-cum between her fingers, every bit as wet as her own cunt which was starting to tingle with excitement.

Jane pulled her top open to expose her own breasts and leaning forward, let this tranny bitch eagerly lick and bite at her erect nipples, as she continued to wank that huge tool in her hand.

Sitting down in front of this sexy tgirl, Jane brushed that thick cock with it’s bulbous head all over and around her brown titty areoles. Then she pushed her big boobs around that swollen, tranny clit and slowly tit-fucked it in-between her cool fleshy mounds.

It was just too much to watch that transvestite cock fucking her cleavage, and she had to put this transvestites member between the lips of her hungry wet mouth!


Jul 052009

Black American Transsexual Julia Anaplois Plays With Her Tool

Black American Transsexual Julia Anaplois Plays With Her Tool

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