Apr 182009

This pretty little sissy maid caught me on a day I was feeling very horny. I’d gone hours without being fucked, and this little sissy doll turned up.

First I pulled this femme cd fuck dolls frilly little skirt up, and made her show off her panty-covered ass. Then I whacked her tight, round cheeks with my riding crop, until she had lots of pretty marks.

I pushed her down on the the floor, onto her knees, and I showed her what she’d done to my panty-covered cock. It was all big and swollen, and it needed some sissy maid attention.

She licked my cock with her sissy mouth and sucked on my shaft with her red, painted lips. I forced her to suck me deeper and deeper until I finally blasted my sperm into her mouth, and all over her pretty, subservient face.

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Apr 092009

Tranny Maid Luci May Loves Sucking Cock and Tasting Cum

‘One of my favorite pass times is being used a serving wench for gentleman’s parties. I just love prancing around in scanty, slutty clothing, giving the guys drinks as they chat and smoke.

‘I like the way they pinch and smack my arse when I bend down to refill their beverages, and they’re always dropping things for me to pick up! It’s so much fun being a transvestite, fetish fuck toy!

‘Eventually they need more from their tranny serving slut, so I have to give them each a satisfying blowjob! I open my wet mouth wide for each shaft in turn, taking their tasty pricks in my slutty mouth.

‘I love it when they grab me by my hair and hold me down, using me like a nasty serving girl! I tease their cocks with my lascivious tongue, and as each one shoots their load between my lips, I gulp down all of their warm, sticky cum!

‘Of course, that’s just the appetizer. Before these guys are done, they force me on the living room table and gangbang me like a dirty whore.

‘Being a gentleman’s serving wench is fun, but being a party fuck toy is even more hot and sweaty! They shag me in turn until I’m leaking goo from every hole! Of course I lick it all up using my fingers and tongue while they watch!

‘I’m such a cute and slutty tranny maid… would you like me to service you?’

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Apr 072009

Curly haired slut gets fucked by Femdom

‘This is one my favorite little sissy kittens, and every time I call her over to play, she gets a brutal pounding from my massive shaft.

‘She dresses oh so femme for me, with her long curls and sexy lingerie. This little minx doesn’t play shy or innocent. Oh no, she’s far too much of a whore to even pretend. Those slut eyes look up at me as she rubs her face all over my plastic meat, licking and begging with her tongue.

‘I put my black boot between her thighs and rub it up into her panties. She rubs back against the black vinyl until she creams herself all over my heeled boot. Such a fucking filthy slut!

‘I force this little tranny cunt to stroke her hard cock, and then to lube up my big black dildo with her creamy hand. Then I viciously pull her up onto a piece of my fuck furniture and pull those teasing panties to the side.

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Apr 052009

Blonde punishes Zoe

I’m playing in the shower with one of my favorite transvestite girlfriends. We had been out shopping together and were feeling hot and horny from teasing guys all day, so we decided a steamy shower was in order.

We licked and sucked each other’s bodies as we played in the tub, gradually stripping all our pretty clothes away. I’m a little fuck slut and so she has no trouble getting me out of my wet panties.

Then my hot blonde friend springs her kinky plot on me, puts a ball gag into my mouth, and ties it nice and tight.

I’m pushed down, my arms held back, and I can feel my favorite double-dildo up against my tight cock hole. I moan as she slides it deep inside of me, and then she reaches down to rub my warm member as she sucks off the other dildo head jutting from my tgirl tush.

She rides me hard, moving the shaft inside my body with her slutty mouth. I can hear her gagging on it as she jacks off my tgirl cock with her hand. Her orgasm splats into the tub at my feet, and moments later there’s another girly streak of hot white cream beneath us. We race down onto on our knees to see who can lick more of the cum up!

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