Jan 152009

Kinky Ladyboy Nice looks so sexy in her showgirl dress, black ruffled burlesque panties, slutty stockings and suspender garterbelt here at Extreme Ladyboys. That outfit sure suggests she up for a good time and is wanting to be fucked like a proper little slut, which is exactly what happened..

Nice posed like a sultry slut in her fabulous outfit, then began sucking off Double O’s dirty dong, which by now was a raging hard on, having seen this cock in a frock pose in her filthy frillys.

Needing to punish her for being such a tease in her slutty clothes, Double O tied her hands, inserted a vibrator up her ass and whipped her soft, ladyboy buttocks. The filthy slut loved being treated like a submissive tranny whore, and once she got in this state she would agree to anything, the filthier the better!

Forcing Nice to lay face forward on the bed, our hero continued and buried his boner deep into her gaping ass hole from behind. The ring of her anus felt tight around his cock as he fucked her poop shoot, and he gave her dirty fuck hole the fucking it deserved, pumping his erection deep and hard in her ladyboy pussy.

It’s exactly what Nice had had on her filthy mind all along, and her ass was sore but satisfied by the fucking it received. It just goes to show that dressing up like a bitch on heat in sexy clothes is a sure way to provoke a filthy fucking.

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Jan 032009

One moment innocent Katie was crossdressing in her room, and the next she woke up in a creepy graveyard with bite marks on her neck!

She’s not about to let her sexy outfit go to waste though, so she backs up against a tombstone and starts rubbing her tgirl clitty through her blood red panties. And rather than use that wooden stake to get her revenge on the vampire, she decides it fits much better in her tight little crossdresser ass.

Katie even finishes herself off by licking and sucking her own cock, then shooting her tranny spunk in her mouth! Damn, I hope she was careful with her new vampire fangs!

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