Apr 302008

A mirror is always a border between worlds. Benjamin here, charmed by the magic of the mirror and by the refined beauty of female jewelry, decides to explore this fantasy further.

Loving every inch of his feminized body, he dressed in sexy feminine lingerie and strokes his cock until he is completely satisfied.

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Apr 222008

These horny lovers are so turned on by their sexy feminine garments, they rush to the bed and start making out, enjoying the new sensations of being crossdressed.

Half-naked, they start sucking each other off and minutes later they indulge in a butt-shattering pounding. After they have reached an explosive trannie climax, they enjoy the post-orgasmic sensations in each other’s embrace.

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Apr 192008

Trannie schoolgirl spunks over Mistress Jane’s panties.

Trannie schoolgirl in black stockings and suspenders is first spanked, then is allowed to spunk over Mistress Jane’s pantie clad ass, here at Nylon Jane and Friends.

Trannie schoolgirl Suzy dressed in short plaid skirt, black stockings and suspenders and was laid over Mistress Jane’s knees to receive a good spanking. Suzy knew how naughty she’d been, and lying over Mistress Jane’s stocking clad knee, felt the first slap of Jane’s hand as it slapped her suspender clad ass.

That was just for starters, for next Suzy was made to kneel on the chair with her skirt hiked up, so that her her stocking tops and suspenders were on display.

Jane then caned her ass, warming up her ass cheeks with every blow, until those naked globes were stinging hot and glowing with the punishment they had received.

Mistress Jane then put Suzy’s stiff trannie cock between her tits and Suzy rubbed her cock in the warmth of Jane’s cleavage. Then Jane lay face down on the floor and bliss of bliss, allowed Suzy to straddle her thighs and to dry fuck her panties.

It felt like heaven as she rubbed her trannie cock over the dry material covering Jane’s ass and bumhole. Suzy felt like she might just come there and then, but held back back her sperm so that she might enjoy the ecstasy of fucking her Mistress’s pantie covered ass…

But the moment came when Suzy could no longer contain her pent up semen, and as Jane knelt with her ass raised up, Suzy climaxed on Jane’s panties, shooting wads of thick spunk onto Jane’s nice white pantie covered ass.

Suzy felt such gratitude that Mistress Jane had allowed her to blast her trannie spunk over her ass and knickers, it was a such a blessed release. But of course Jane didn’t mind getting her panties all messed up and covered in sticky cum, because Nylon Jane understands the needs of tgirls and helps them live their fantasies.

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Apr 142008

Willing to explore his feminine fantasies deeper, Pete embarks on a mission few men would dare to handle.

Watch as he goes through the painful procedure of hair removal to make his legs smooth and nice. He also paints his toenails bright red.

All this feminization make him feel honry and he pulls his hard shaft vigorously until he has a shattering climax.

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Apr 122008


Luci May always feels so horny whenever she dresses up in girlie clothes, and as it was a hot summers day, she dressed in a short top and skirt she had bought for specially for such an occasion.

Luci was thrilled with her sexy outfit and decided to put on some suntan oil to cover up the parts that were exposed, but she went a bit further and ended up rubbing that oil over her legs, thighs and her trannie cock which had become very stiff by now.

That oil was so slippery she could even put a metal cock ring over her erect cock and balls so they we budging in their sac. This was fun – all covered in oil and having that ring tight around her ball-sac, her cock stiff and proud, it felt sensual and kinky at the same time.

Luci applied even more oil to her asshole and taking her didlo, worked it up her ass. Oh it felt so good, it slipped up quite easily with all that lubrication and she enjoyed the sensation of it stretching her hole wide, imagining it was a cock fucking her trannie ass as she pumped her fist over her throbbing prick.

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Apr 062008

Teo has always been a sporty jock, scoring the winning touchdown, kicking the winning goal. Yes, his friends would all think that Teo was a very masculine sporty kind of guy.

None of his friends would have suspected that Teo secretly wanted to be a cheerleader or just hang out like one of the girls?

And none of his team would know that when he gets home after a  game, Teo likes to dress up in white lingerie and a long wig, and then beat himself off while looking at his feminine self in the mirror.

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Apr 012008

Zoe Fuckpuppet jerks off in torn pantyhose

Slutty Zoe in full body nylon outfit jerks herself off at Zoe Fuckpuppet.

Zoe Fuckpuppet loves to masturbate with her sex toys and on this occasion she dressed in full body nylon pantyhose outfit and a cincher corset that felt so tight.

Zoe needed to feel a cock inside her arse so she got out her double ended dildo, ripped a hole in the back of her pantyhose and inserted it up her ass.

Zoe enlarged the hole in the front of her her pantyhose so she could get at her trannie cock and jerk herself off at the same time as she stuffed that dildo up her trannie fuck hole.

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