Mar 272008


Crossdresser Katie-Ann has fun dressing up like a girl and playing with her cock while wearing pantyhose.

Hot redhead crossdresser Katie Ann had a lot of fun dressing up like a girl and wearing her pantyhose. Katie modeled in front of a hotel room mirror admiring how pretty she looked in her girly clothes and makeup.

The snug feel of pantyhose nylon encasing her cock beneath her short skirt was such a thrilling sensation, she could feel her cock getting hard. Lifting her skirt she looked in the mirror at her cock trapped behind the pantyhose gusset and started rubbing the shaft through the nylon. Her trannie cock became harder as she dragged her fingernails up and down the stiff shaft, then trailed them lightly over her bulging cockhead trying to push its way through the nylon mesh.

Katie-Ann felt a sense of relief as she pulled her pantyhose down over her thighs and her cock sprang free of it’s restriction. She grasped her thick shaft and gave it a well deserved tug and stood there in a her high heels looking at herself wanking in the mirror and rubbing her hard cock on her pantyhose.

Katie-Ann had a lot more fun pushing her cock between her thighs, trapping it with her pantyhose and pink panties so it stuck out behind her ass, perfect!

Katie-Ann continued like this until she could no longer contain her excitement, and looking at herself wanking in the mirror she splattered a big load of cum all over the dresser top. ‘Oooh, what a nice wank in pantyhose that was’, thought Katie.

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Mar 212008


Jane fucks her transvestite friend up the ass with her strapon dildo and milks her trannie cock at Strapon Jane.

Jane is understanding of the needs of transvestites and loves to help her trannie friends realize their wildest fantasies.

It may be that they have a need to be fucked up the ass with a big dildo and Jane is prepared to provide that service. In fact Jane just loves fucking her tgirl friends and seeing them lying back with their stockinged legs wide open, her strapon buried deep in their trannie fuck holes – it’s such a big turn on for her.

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Mar 012008


Zoe Fuckpuppet dressed in her fur coat and fishnet pantyhose one evening and being true to her trannie slut nature put on an explict display of lascivious behaviour in a public toilet.

Zoe is back in her sexy fur coat as requested by her members and dressed in short skirt and trashy fishnet tights she felt so horny, she just had to put on a dirty show in the public toilet.

It must have been the sensual thrill of her fur coat close to her body, or the tight mesh of her pantyhose as it encased her cock and balls…..whatever, Zoe was in slut mode and found the nearest public toilet so she could play with her cock and knock one out!

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