Jan 312008


Ever fantasize about some sexy housewife you once knew, one that always wore nice clothes and looked her best?

Perhaps she was a neighbor or your best friend’s mother? You always admired how she looked, the way she moved and her sexy outline beneath her smart clothes.

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Jan 302008

Now that Antoine is more experienced with makeup, he can work on a more refined look for his new self.

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Jan 272008


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Jan 232008

A young man comes to a movie casting and with the help of the assistant cameraman, the guy is helped to make and get dressed in womans clothes.

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Jan 212008


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Jan 162008

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Jan 142008

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Jan 082008

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Jan 012008

Lois invited his friend Matute, over for a cup of coffee at his place.

Louis suddenly left the room for a few minutes and returned dressed up as a hot girl in white stockings.

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